Dawn Montgomery


This is my writing blog. All information here is my own opinions and interests. In no way am I trying to sell my way as THE way to write. In fact, I realize that my way of doing business works for me, and probably only me. 🙂 I’ve spent six years combing through all the advice and help available to writers. Most haven’t resonated with me. Some worked partially. I used what helped and discarded the rest because my writing time is precious and I don’t have time to spend on things that go against my writing grain.

The content on this site is copyright to Dawn Montgomery.

I do not condone flame wars, slinging insults, rude comments or general bad behavior on my blog. I invite you to state your opinion but I reserve the right to delete any and all comments I see fit.


The following are a list of questions I’ve received and have no idea where else to put the answers. LOL. Enjoy.

Q: I saw that you were in the military, but you mentioned bartending and other jobs. What else have you done?

A: I’ve been notorious for taking on jobs for the fun of it or out of sheer boredom. Sometimes I was given additional duties in the military that led me into some pretty cool jobs as well. Here’s my mostly complete list.

I’ve been a Texas Renaissance Festival garland girl, a USAF Active Duty service member, Medical Equipment Repair Technician, Department of Defense Instructor, bartender, golf pro sales associate, hotel breakfast hostess, Taxidermy scene builder and painter, waitress, librarian, ghostwriting, and a few odds and ends jobs scattered throughout.

While I was in the military, in addition to my regular job, I was an instructor, security forces and transportation augmentees, and held about a bazillion side jobs and extra duties, some of which introduced me to some pretty awesome people.  Boredom (and some pretty outrageous dares) led me to train in combatives, knife fighting, stick fighting, and various other things that kicked my ass on a regular basis but made great fodder for books.

I specialized in none of them (never lived in one place long enough to take on more training), but learned a lot about what the human body can take. So…when you see my character get her butt handed to her and force herself to recover or get put in the hospital…you know where she’s coming from. 😉

  1. Dawn, I always look forward to your posts and since you’ve inspired me, I want to pass on The Sunshine Blogger Award to you. Congratulations! http://audreyking.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/sunshine-blog-award/

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