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Silent Storm

In #amwriting on February 28, 2010 at 12:54 am

There are good days and bad days on the writing front. Due to a hectic work schedule and some flaring medical issues I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks. Luckily I broke through that tonight. 893 words written on Silent Storm tonight. I love this story. 🙂


Writing and Zombies

In #amwriting on February 17, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Lynn Viehl of the awesome blog PBW has a fantastic post I read entitled “Story Divorce Ten: Ten things that indicate you and your story should part ways.” She references two of the most interesting things in her list…zombies and title apathy.

Both of which are haunting me…as we speak. Get out the shotguns and the cricket bats…

Hmm. Maybe I should explain.

My writing process is unique to the situations I find myself in. If I’m in an airport for 14 hours with no outlets in sight, I’m a paper and pen writer. If stuck in traffic for an hour or two a day, I’m using a voice recorder (minus those interesting road rage anger management fail moments that I choose to leave out of the ms’s). This means I have to figure out a time to sit down and write these notes and tidbit down into a cohesive story.

If I don’t this weird thing starts to happen. My dreams become haunting, Clive Barker-esque nightmares. The longer I put off writing the more intricate and terrifying the nightmares become until finally I dread sleeping. I relive one post apocolyptic horror after another until finally we come to the end of it all…zombies. When I have zombies in my dreams it’s time to start writing or else. Not that zombies are more or less terrifying than anything else, mind you. It’s just that a zombie dream means my nightmares are about to escalate to a dream sequence that will either (1.) repeat itself forever or if I’m woken up in the middle (2.) pick up where it left off to the conclusion only to start with (1.) again.

So why not save myself the trouble and just write to begin with?

Lynn’s second reference: Title Apathy.

I need a good title in order to write. A good working title will be grand, but a title none-the-less. So what was my problem for the past few weeks? Title Apathy. I needed something that summed up my work in progress. It completely blocks me otherwise.

So now…I can break free from the zombies and mayhem…I give you (thanks to Kim Knox’s title help!)

Silent Storm, my new work in progress.

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