Dawn Montgomery

Works in Progress

Books Tentatively Scheduled Through 2016

Last update 8 January 2016

Ongoing Series

Silver Tongued Devils (Sci Fi Menage M/F/M Erotic Romance)

  • Devil’s Refuge (1.5)
  • Devil’s Due (2)
  • The Devil Wears a Crown (3)

WTF Dragon (Fantasy M/F Erotic Romance)

  • Dragon Arse
  • Catch a Dragon by the Tail
  • Dragons Never Lie

Valorian Prime (Sci Fi M/F Erotic Romance)

Due to a violation of contract terms this series will no longer be continued. Thank you for your understanding. As it stands, I’m also unable to release the second book as a free standalone since releasing it via print or online constitutes publishing. Until this is cleared, I have to put this series on hold. 

Dark Talisman Trilogy

  • Shift the Night (Gothic/Paranormal M/F Erotic Romance)
  • Raven’s Wing (Gothic/Paranormal M/F Erotic Romance)

The Fallen

  • Winter Guardian (Angels and Demons/Paranormal M/F Erotic Romance) formerly available in the Alphas Unwrapped Boxed Set.
  • Untitled Book (Angels and Demons/Paranormal M/F Erotic Romance) April 2015

New Series and Standalone Books

Nightmare Gale Trilogy (Fantasy Erotic Romance)

  • Enraptured
  • Entangled
  • Ensnared

Last Rites (Gothic/Paranormal M/F Erotic Romance)

Angel’s Masquerade (Sci Fi Menage M/F/M Erotic Romance)

Serial Books

Note: All serial titles are Amazon exclusive as it is aimed for the Kindle Unlimited crowd. The print release of the final novel, however, can be purchased from your preferred vendor.

Voodoo Carnival

Tentative Release Months: May-June

  • Episode 1: Wicked Carousel 
  • Episode 2: Madhouse
  • Episode 3: Freefall
  • Episode 4: House of Horrors
  • Boxed Set/Collection
  • Print Release

A Wish Before Dying (A Holly Savage tale, released under my urban fantasy penname)

Tentative Release Months: January

  • Ep 1-4
  • Boxed Set/Collection
  • Print Release

Rogue’s Bounty (A Spaceport New Tortuga Serial and Devil’s Due prequel)

Tentative Release Months: July-August

  • Ep 1-4
  • Boxed Set/Collection
  • Print Release

A Familiar Kiss

Tentative Release Months: August-September

  • Ep 1-4
  • Boxed Set/Collection
  • Print Release

I took a writing hiatus for most of 2014 and part of 2015 as life threw me one curve ball after another. Some were health-related (overwork caused nerve damage in my hands, my mom had open heart surgery, etc.). Other issues were personal in nature and tough to talk about. The important thing is that I’m back in the swing of things!

Serials: I decided to jump into serials as Kindle Unlimited is perfect for serial writing! Kindle Unlimited (KU) is an Amazon subscription service that allows you to check out Amazon exclusive (and more than a few bestseller) books for the low price of $9.99 a month. It’s the library service that actually PAYS the authors when you read! Truth! Since I read 20-30 titles a month, this subscription service opened up my reading horizons. I found myself picking up books in genres I’d rarely browsed as my book budget was tight. Now, I can find great stories and if I’ve fallen in love with it, I purchase it immediately to keep in my permanent library.

Serials are perfect for KU readers as they can read the entire novel in parts. As a result of this program, all serials are Amazon exclusive. The print book, however, can be purchased through your favorite vendor.

A note on serials: I know there are authors who take a novel and break it up into pieces. They call it a serial, but that’s not accurate. A serial episode should be able to stand on its own in that it has a definitive beginning, middle, end AND cliffhanger (A cliffhanger doesn’t have to be the smoking gun scenario or, as example: “I couldn’t believe what I saw.” End episode. It can actually be a complete part of the story arc with an urge to move to the next step. Mine tend to be the latter, though one or two episodes per serial may have that “holy shit, what happens next?” scenario.).

I write each part of a serial as a complete section of the story. Think of it as an episode of your favorite thriller TV show. 😀

Another quick note on serials: YOU HAVE TO READ THEM IN ORDER. To ensure that happens, I will continue chapter numbers through each episode (Episode 1 is ch 1-5, Episode 2 is ch 6-13, etc.). Each episode WILL have a cliffhanger. If you don’t like cliffhangers or delayed gratification, just wait until the entire collection releases as a novel. 🙂 It takes up to two months to finish each serial.

Comments on publishing schedules: I don’t have control over publisher schedules. The only release dates I control (and that’s only if everything goes smoothly) are my indie books. Many of them are Amazon exclusive because I know that system pretty well now. If you have a title you’d like to see at another vendor, let me know, otherwise it will remain where it is.

Pennames: I have five pennames with hectic publishing schedules. If you see gaps in this schedule, it will be because I am filling another one. Jesse Wells is my Urban Fantasy penname (launching early 2016). Jessica D. Russell is my nonfiction penname (cookbooks for UncleJerrysKitchen.com, formatting guides, etc.). I am under contract obligation to not share the other two names. My apologies, gang.

Please keep in mind that this publishing schedule is subject to change at any time. If I have a relapse with the nerves in my arms and hands (ulnar nerve), it will require surgery. I’ll do my best to keep you guys thoroughly updated, but if it’s between writing and updating my Works in Progress or Coming Soon page, I’m going to focus on writing.

Dawn Montgomery


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