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One Hour In

In #amwriting on January 30, 2012 at 11:35 pm

It’s Monday night, and I’m starting my first work week in my new apartment. We have no furniture, but I’m staying optimistic. Our car is also available for pickup (that didn’t take as long as we’d feared!). So there will be a San Antonio to Dallas (and back) road trip in our near future.

It’s one hour into my regular shift (8pm-2am) and I’ve been able to get half an hour’s worth of writing done. The kids, however, seem determined to come and get me for everything 😉 . So while the house is settling down, I thought I’d work on a post for the week.

I’m working on a fun (short) book entitled Destitute and Undead. I’m 5k into it, and absolutely love the characters. It should be done this week. It’s part of the Haven House series of mis-adventures starring Kim Hunter as the annoyed inheritor of an estate and legacy she had no interest in.

I’m having so much fun with it, I think I’ll just keep penning them. They’re short enough that I can handwrite most of them, and not feel so confined to the floor and my makeshift computer desk.

I know I’m definitely looking forward to Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops: Control Point. It releases tomorrow! WOOHOO!

What do I know?

In #amwriting, Challenges, Goals on January 29, 2012 at 12:00 am

Wow, is it Sunday, already? This week has FLOWN by.

I’ll post the writing goals and my results for the entire week, then finish off with the Montgomery moving *ridiculum (for those who are willing to read that far…I commend you!).

First of all…welcome to all new subscribers to this blog. I’m pretty stoked since I had NO idea you could subscribe. 😀 Hope you find this week’s summary to be entertaining!

Summary writing events January 23-28 2012

  • Began 2nd week as a full-time writer
  • Received release date for Primal Hunger (Feb 3, 2012)
  • Entered (and won!) pitch contest held by the lovely Rockville 8 and Entangled Publishing.
  • Plotted 2nd Hunger Book
  • Thief was started (then set aside for the pitch win submission)
  • Sketched out Kitchen Witch Story

Had a ton of you guys stop by and leave comments/questions this week! I hope I answered them to your satisfaction.

Writing Goals for next week:

  • Writing 5 hours per day
  • Complete polishing of pitch submission and SEND IT IN
  • Complete Thief

Now if you’re still interested in how the move went, please continue….but be warned…it’s not pretty.

When we last left our crazy globe-trotting author, she was about to embark on a lovely jaunt to cattle country to cause mayhem and mischief. How did it go? Let’s find out…

Well…horse ranching is quite the adventure…especially when you have three dogs, four cats, a pony, and some longhorn cattle thrown into the mix for fun. Did I mention that one of the minions proved determined to pet said cattle? And that he tried to trot the smallest one out there on their own? No? Well…let’s just say the mayhem was ridiculous (and I lost about fifty years off my life!). One kiddo proved pretty allergic to something (he was wrapped up in blankets and playing nickjr on my laptop for most of a day and night while I had to keep him from scratching…then there was eye goop…ugh).

I helped out with some Quilts for Kids projects, took some pictures, and oohed and awwwwwwed over some of the quilts that had come in. SuperChef bailed on cooking after only doing it once so yours truly had to fill in. About halfway into our ranch adventure, a very large dog by the name of BIG BOY (he was a small horse, really) decided he was my lap dog. Since I love dogs, it wasn’t a hardship for me, but he WAS playing havoc on allergy-boy and any writing I needed to get done. So we had a discussion. On his level. Didn’t work so well. 😉

Saturday morning found us loaded up in the truck and sent off to our apartment. Oh heavenly apartment, how I’ve longed to lie against your carpeted…bosom? Hmm. Oh yesh. No furniture. But it’s not a hotel, ranch, car (or other vehicle), friend/stranger’s home or cardboard box…all of which were either a part of this adventure or very near.

So here we are, in lovely San Antonio. This week began with my birthday, finding a place to live, being moved out of our hotel (b/c of mismanagement several families were displaced), setting up at a ranch, and now here…in our apartment.

This trip lasted from January 13th to January 28th. What a crazy adventure.

So what do I know? I know I’m looking forward to boring. 😀

This writer is about done-in. So it’s to bed for me.

Keep Writing!


*Ridiculum: A series of ridiculous events, usually occuring within a short period of time. Also called a Ridicularia and Ri-dik-ki-doodle. Related to Ridi-cardia…a heart attack triggered by the ridiculous. Beware the Ridiculum. BEWAAAARE.

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Off to the Ranch!

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 at 5:50 am

It’s strange how things work out. Our hotel overbooked so several families (including mine) have to find lodging elsewhere. I contacted a friend of mine (she’s in charge of Quilts for Kids in San Antonio). She knows a lot of people in the area, so I was hoping she could give us a hand about where to go. To my surprise, Ms. Barbara invited us out to her horse rescue ranch for a couple of days.

The kids are excited. I’m THRILLED. DH (SuperChef) is relieved we have a roof over our heads.

It’s the Montgomery way to pitch in and help in any way possible when someone gives you a kindness. So I’ll be spending the next couple of days cutting bits for Quilts for Kids, tending the horses, and helping to keep things tidy. The kids will help with the horses and dogs. SuperChef will be cooking up a storm. It’s the least we can do for Ms. Barbara’s willingness to take us on at the last minute.

And I’ll be researching my next book. Did I mention cowboys? Must have slipped my mind…

I also have some pretty awesome news…an editor from Entangled Publishing requested a full on a short novella. And get this…it was an online pitch contest. I NEVER get chosen on these things. How awesome is that???

Keep Writing!


Another day older…

In #amwriting, Goals, Publishing News on January 25, 2012 at 12:00 am

So yesterday was my birthday. YAY! I ate at one of my favorite restaurants and got an apartment! Woohooo!!!! No more living out of our bags. Soon-ish anyway. Can’t get in there until next week, but we’ll be good. 😀

On the writing front:

  • Plotted 2nd Hunger book (due to new publishing schedule, it got pushed up from March).
  • Started my Beauty and the Beast (Thief)
  • Entered an online pitch
  • Sketched out a Kitchen Witch story (Back by popular demand)

Found out that my first novel will be out February 3rd! Awesome. 😀 Ebook first. Print a year or so later. Love it!

Checking out Sunday’s goals:

  • Found a house! WOOHOO!
  • 5 hours of writing per day: Nope. I’ll be honest, stress over the house searching thing made Tuesday almost useless.
  • Finish up my final outprocessing for January tomorrow…more to follow in February
  • Cook dinner four times this week…tonight starts my cooking schedule. 🙂

Due to tons of questions, I posted my Work Day Schedule HERE. So far, I’ve hit those goals every day but Tuesday.

I spent Monday and Tuesday nights at Writerschat for Changeling Press and Ellora’s Cave. So much fun! Didn’t promo a single thing, just hung out with some pretty awesome authors. 😀 Had a great time.

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Sunday update

In #amwriting, Challenges, Goals, Write Talk on January 21, 2012 at 10:00 pm

It’s check-in day for a Round of Words in 80 days.

How did I do this week?

  • Became a full-time writer on 16 January
  • Edits completed for Primal Hunger, my first novel (and EC book!)
  • Sweet Simone completed (short story aimed at Cleis Press’s Bondange Anthology)
  • Moved to Texas from Alaska this week (Took four days)
  • Lived (and still living…) in a hotel room with three kids and a husband (without a vehicle until 9 Feb)
  • Said goodbye to the military (and many great friends I’d made in the service)
  • Re-evaluated my January goals
  • Read three books from some of my favorite authors

You know…I thought I’d done pretty crappy this week. When I look at all I’ve accomplished, I’m not so disappointed. I suppose this is a prime example of why accountability is so important to a writer.

Today will be non-fiction focused as I have deadlines to complete. I’ll also be creating my 2012 writing challenge spreadsheet. I know I’m behind, but I had a LOT going on. At least I’m doing it in January instead of September like I did last year. 🙂

January’s new goals:

  • 5 hours writing per day
  • Complete all final outprocessing requirements for the military (insurance, dental, etc)
  • Find a house 😉
  • Cook dinner four times a week (I have to write it down or I’ll get sucked into writing…SuperChef will be cooking the other three nights).

January’s Writing Goals

  • Medical Mystery partial (still untitled)
  • Thief started (Modern day Beauty and the Beast novella)
  • Marked (tattoo story for EC’s theme)
  • Texas History novella fleshed out (Sexy mayhem in the pioneer town of Austin, Texas)

Pushed out to February (the month where my brother enters the Marines, and I am officially retired from the USAF)

  • A Familiar Kiss (need to print out the ms to work on it)
  • Fox Hunt (short menage in the wilds of Alaska)
  • Nexus (Sexy cyber novella)

Pushed out to March and Beyond

  • Enraptured (hot and wild fantasy adventure romance)
  • Feral Hunger (Book 2 in the Sheon Wars trilogy)

I think that’s about it, don’t you?

Oh, did I mention that my birthday is on the 24th of this month? What a start to 2012.

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Starting a New Project

In #amwriting, Write Talk on January 20, 2012 at 8:52 pm

There’s something about a new story that thrills and terrifies this writer. So many ideas flow through my head. A Familiar Kiss is sitting on my harddrive screaming at me to finish it, but I am dying to write a tattoo story for EC’s theme request.

There’s also a very fun project for Changeling that I want to get done. A fairy tale book (YAY!). I spent most of today in edit-brain (creativity stomped into a tiny box while my internal editor goes crazy. A common result for me after intense editing sessions. My oldest son calls it my “mushy brain” stage.).

I’m sitting in a hotel room with three kids, one food blog chef husband, and minimal supplies (did I mention no car until Feb 9th?). Editing (and rewriting a great deal of the product) is killing me on this tiny screen. I’ve got my laptop, but no printer (yet…hurry up and get here!!!) so A Familiar Kiss is going to have to wait until I can print it out.

So now it’s between the fairy tale story and the tattoo one. How do I pick? Well, I pick based on fairness. EC just got a book so it’s time to turn one in to Changeling. This isn’t a play to either publishing company (I LOVE both publishers and my awesome editors), but a shout out to my loyal readers.

Some of you are loyal to one company or the other. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be living my dream in the middle of beautiful San Antonio. I owe it to you all to make sure I’m giving you the best I can every time. Times are hard, so the last thing I want is to have anyone waste money on a product I phoned in.

A Familiar Kiss was originally intended for Changeling, and if I don’t tighten up the manuscript and cut the chaff, I won’t make it under CP’s wordcount limit (three characters have already faced the chopping block, and I shudder to think what else will have to go). Sometimes it really is easier to start from scratch than to rewrite a book. The fairy tale story will take AFK’s place as my next delivery.

So here’s my choice…my new work in progress is Thief, a modern Beauty and the Beast tale of lust and love.

If you’ve read this far you deserve a lollipop, and a long break from my rambling. Go forth and read something wicked.

Here are a few in my queue:

Note: All links are to the publisher websites. They are not affiliate links, and these books are ones I’ve either read (and want to read again) or will soon be reading. This isn’t a ploy to get you to buy books. I’m simply showing you what I’m going to be reading this weekend. 🙂

Magnetism by Kim Knox (the entire series is fascinating! a matchmaking planet :D)

Ty the Sexy Dragon by Lexxie Couper (I got to beta read this one. OMG hawt! This weekend I’ll get to read the finished version. So cool!)

Leashed by Jet Mykles (I LOVE the leashed series)

I autobuy anything by Laurann Dohner (So far everything she’s written has rocked me!)

Edits are done

In Write Talk on January 19, 2012 at 9:08 pm

First round of edits completed for Primal Hunger. Edits in a novel are a bit rougher than I’m used to. There’s definitely a formatting learning curve for EC. I’m adapting and taking notes. 😀

Now it’s time to work on another book.

Which one? Ah, now that’s the question. I think it’ll be tearing apart A Familiar Kiss and getting it ready for my other editor.

Keep Writing!


Day 2, and I’m home…

In #amwriting, Challenges on January 18, 2012 at 5:52 am

Writing this post a day early so I can spend tomorrow writing without internet. I have about 15 pages of handwritten notes to transcribe. Edits for Primal Hunger have dropped in my lap. Reading the book again was such a treat. Azros is hawt.

My list for January is simple:

* Primal Hunger edits *

*Finish A Familiar Kiss rewrites and submit to editor*

* Finish and polish Enraptured for submission *

Now onto other news. We’ve done it. We’ve moved from Alaska to Texas. 🙂 I’ll be working my butt off to get more books out there for you guys. Thank you for the awesome comments, emails, and instant messages I’ve received. You guys are amazing.

To answer a few questions…

Yes, there will be more Kitchen Witch books. No dates yet, I’m afraid.

I won’t revisit the Bound universe. It was one of my first walks into paranormal, and I didn’t like the limits I put on the universe.

There’s been a lot of interest in a possible Hellhound series. Just wanted to let you know I’ve heard ya!  I’ve got several books planned for this year, so I’ll have to put it on the backburner for 2013.

There are several titles that used to be available through the now-closed publisher, Aspen Mountain Press. I have no interest in resubmitting them to a new publisher, but the plan is to edit and expand the stories to release as free reads on my website.

Keep the questions coming. 🙂 I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Keep Writing!


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3 and 6

In #amwriting on January 11, 2012 at 5:37 am

Some days life feels like a train, moving along at max speed, tracks clear, and the sun is shining. Other times it’s blocked rails, blizzards, and miserable conditions. We spend so much time focused on our destination, that we never take time to enjoy how we get there.

I’m so desperate to get all my paperwork done that I haven’t taken a breath in about the past three days. The engine’s chugging along at max speed, and I’ve avoided most derailings with a little ingenuity (duct tape) and gentle persuasion (baseball bat).

It’s also three days until I leave Alaska. And six days until I’m a full time writer. 😀



4 and 7

In #amwriting on January 9, 2012 at 9:56 pm

Until now, my life was made up of numbers. Numbers of year in the service, in rank, on station, since my last PT test, exam, etc. Evaluation reports. Feedbacks. Orders. I was always so sure of the numbers…always knew what they meant and how they affected every aspect of my career.

As my military career winds down there are only two numbers that stand out. Of course I have my retirement date, and my approximate date of household goods arrival. I also have the ever important number of the DD214, which states how honorably I served my country and where I did so.

Those are passive numbers, however. Numbers that have no direct impact on my family (yet). The numbers that I’m talking about are the numbers 4 and 7.

Four days until I say goodbye to military service, flying away from one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Seven days until I am a full-time writer.

If I can get through the four, the rest will be cake. 😉

Nothing like a little life insanity to really things in perspective. 😀

Keep Writing!


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