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CampNaNoWriMo April 2013 Day 27

In #amwriting on April 27, 2013 at 7:19 pm

It’s done. Done. Done. Done. Done. I validated at 5am or so this morning.

Day 27 and FINAL stats:

TR starting word count at the beginning of the month: 47,171

TR ending word count:  72,565

Total count for the month: 25,394 (25k to go)

FH starting word count at the beginning of the month: 0

FH ending word count: 18,215

Total count for the month: 18,215 (50k to go)

Silver Tongued Devils beginning: 0

Silver Tongued Devils end of the month: 9,633

Total count for the month: 9,633 (2k to go)

The Beast Within beginning: 0

The Beast Within end of the month: 2,500

Total count for the month: 2,500 (Story complete)

RD beginning: 0

RD end of the month: 3,689

Total count for the month: 3,689


Surprisingly enough, the word count validation software on the CampNaNoWriMo site was almost spot on. My numbers and theirs split off at some point.  Since the gap between what I have and what they validated makes no difference in my goal for the month…I’m not sweating it.

My largest productivity happened when my writing partner and I were waiting on Beta Readers to get back to us on TR’s first five chapters. It took a little over a week. In that time I couldn’t even look at the book out of panic (and/or a downward spiral of self criticism). TR is a novel unlike any I’ve tackled before so my nerves are on edge when feedback is pending. 🙂

In that week and a half or so I wrote FH’s first four chapters without an outline or anything but the sheer desperation to move back into familiar territory for a while. Silver Tongued Devils was a writing challenge by Ditter Kellen. I work on it during the weekend, and so far it’s coming along nicely. 🙂

The Beast Within is a submission to a Cleis Press Anthology call. We’ll see how it goes. I have a day or two of edits and then it’s off.

RD is something I work on in halting steps. It’s an Urban Fantasy an editor has requested after sneaking a peek at the first chapter. It’s due at the end of May and will become my weekend project once Silver Tongued Devils is complete.

It’s good to be writing again. I also like having the week days for the big novel and the weekends for novellas and shorts. It’s working out well.


So that’s it folks. NaNoWriMo in April is complete. I did a lot more than I though I had. Pleasant surprise since I was sure I hadn’t done well at all.

Hope you meet your goals and good luck with the rest of the CampNaNoWriMo session.



CampNaNoWriMo April 2013 Day 3

In #amwriting, Challenges on April 3, 2013 at 10:08 pm

Keeping this one short and sweet. Looks like book won’t be done until Tuesday, but that’s okay.

Day 3 stats:

TR starting word count: 52880

TR ending word count:  53838

Total for the day was less than 1k. Not good, but I needed to break down the next several days and figure out a good game plan. NaNo total is 6.7k. I’ll be hitting the ground running first thing in the morning. G’night all!

(edited to add: Forgot to hit publish on this last night. Found out when I started the new post for day 4 LOL!)

CampNaNoWriMo April 2013 Day 2

In #amwriting, Challenges on April 2, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Mentally and physically exhausted (had a mega workout today and my body isn’t happy).

I went through a morning, evening, and night session of writing today. The morning was a solid 500+ words with me and Ditter. My writing partner and I had some scene plot issues to work through and we worked a bit on our new series we’re starting next week. Today was still Thunder and Roses focused. We expect it to be done by Sunday.

The evening and night sessions brought today’s total to 2,265 words. That’s 5,709 for CampNaNoWriMo. Not bad. 😀

I ran into some serious character motivation issues around 2pm. The scene is emotionally charged and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Info dump at the beginning had dragged the pacing so I spread the wealth over the course of the chapter and it flows far smoother.

Day 2 stats:

TR starting word count: 50601

TR ending word count: 52880

I’m a happy (if slow and steady) writer. Tomorrow’s agenda involves a long soak in the tub before I start work (my muscles will thank me) and setting up a chat room for my fellow WriMos to speedwrite in. Jumping around all over the place is killing me.

Signing off!


CampNaNoWriMo April 2013 Day 1

In Challenges on April 1, 2013 at 10:56 pm

I have multiple writing sessions throughout the day. This is the first time I’ve decided to keep track of my writing online so some new-to-writing friends can see how it works for me throughout the day.  Welcome to the new followers.

Day 1:

Session 1: Started at 0033 (12:33 am). Websites updated as promised before I started writing. I double checked the launch on the CampNaNoWriMo site. Since this month allows you to write on something old or new, I’m continuing rewrites on Thunder and Roses this evening. As I read through my first draft I am struck, as always, how it’s more like stage directions (blocking) than actual emotional investment in the characters. I have to layer in the five (or more) senses at a minimum.

Session stats:

TR starting word count: 47171

TR ending word count: 49188

Ended on a good note. I like what I’ve done so far with the book. The rest of the morning (after I wake up again) will be merging my writing partner’s new content into this chapter. She and I will be on the phone working through most of it.

Session 2: started at 0915. Major plotting hurdles taken care of with Ditter. We worked through some critical character building scenes.

Session 3: 1730-1900 (5:30-7pm) Speedwriting (word wars, timed writing sessions, etc) in the Insanowrimo chat room. A bunch of fellow campers decided to keep the chat word war tradition so I let them know I’d be there at 1730.

Session 4: Late night Speedwriting (word wars, timed writing sessions, etc) with the fabulous Lexxie Couper. She and I get together most weeknights (virtually) and write until our fingers fall off. It’s fantastic fun.

Session stats:

TR starting word count: 50171

TR ending word count: 50601

Total word count for the day: 3430 (3444 by the time this post was completed. I had a paragraph or two to finish).

Day end notes:

Good start to the month. It’s nice to be on track again. Thunder and Roses is closer to submission so I’m super excited about that. There is no time to actually keep track of start and stops in the middle sessions. So I think I’ll  do what I always do, jot down the beginning word count for the day and then the ending word count. It’s a PITA to track more than that. Not bad for the first update. 😀

Keep Writing


In Goals on April 1, 2013 at 12:19 am

2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-Badge As I mentioned in my March Madness 2013 update, I’m participating in CampNaNoWriMo.

My goals are simple (yes, goals…):

  • 40% completion of a new Ditter and Dawn series novel
  • (no more information on that one yet ;)).
  • 20% completion of Feral Hunger
  • On top of this we’ll be completing final submission for Thunder and Roses

It’s just past midnight so I’d better get at least a sentence in for CampNaNoWriMo. I’ll update you writerly types with any struggles or drama I came across in the writing day. I know it always helps me when I see what other writers struggle with and how they handle the problems.

Until later, keep writing!


Haunting Melody St. Claire

In Coverart, Publishing News on April 1, 2013 at 12:06 am

Haunting Melody St. Claire. I adore this cover. My first co-written EC book is available NOW from Ellora’s Cave!

Melody St. Claire doesn’t believe in ghosts. Until a fire destroys her whole world, forcing her into a beautiful haunted house and the territorial domain of one very real, incredibly mysterious resident spirit.

Sexy Travis Santiago haunts the walls of his family home. Resigned to being alone, he merely exists in a place between the living and the dead until the frustrating little brunette enters his life and his heart. He can give her what she needs, if she would just believe.

The passion he ignites threatens to consume her, heart and soul, but may not be enough to hold back the nightmares. And Melody can’t possibly hope to spend forever with a man who is already dead.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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