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I’m a USA Today bestselling author

In Publishing News on April 11, 2014 at 2:01 am

Publishing NewsI was really quiet this week. Stayed as busy as possible, wrote little, but tried to ignore a very crazy and insane thing…Wednesday is the day USA Today drops its list of bestsellers for the previous week.

This Wednesday was a normal day, like any other (If by any other I meant waking up on a bed of nails while every little thing tap danced on my nerves…).

I started my day off early, quietly fidgeting through getting the kids off to school, working on a writing project (Telling myself I was being productive, even though I stared at the same paragraph for an hour).

I mentioned to my husband, in passing, that the list was coming out that day. The previous week had been insanely amazing numbers-wise for Amazon (national and international) and Barnes and Noble. If we were going to make the list, this would be the week. But I wasn’t nervous and it wasn’t on my mind at all <rolls eyes>.

A friend was in town for her anniversary so I raced to meet up with her. I could barely eat anything so the visit with my friend was a welcome distraction. We had so much fun! For five hours I completely forgot about lists, the others in the boxed set who were waiting, the thousand projects I had going on at home. I let it all go and just relaxed.

I made it home and chatted with the family. My youngest had reached a fabulous milestone at school so we high-fived and ate a snack together. My husband asked me a bunch of questions. We smiled and relaxed. And then he gently mentioned that I was avoiding the computer.

He was, of course, right. So I strolled back into the office area and sat down. I brought up my pages and opened my IMs. There were a dozen messages waiting for me in email and IM. Facebook had over 150 notifications. I’d only been gone for part of a day. LOL!

My IM flashed. Eve Vaughn, the lady who’d initially brought me into the boxed set, was in my yahoo IM asking if I was on yet. 🙂 I replied that I was. She told me (after dragging it out LOL!) that we’d made USA Today.

So there you go. 🙂 Insane, right? We debuted at #140. We will likely drop off the list this week, but this, truly, is an amazing moment. One I never EVER imagined possible. Now I’m going through and updating all my bios.

I reminded the gals in the group to do it, but kept putting mine off til now. Nothing like 2am to get my mind to relax. Of course, I have to get up with the kids in four hours, but that’s okay. 🙂 Plans for the rest of the week? Write more. Lots more. 🙂

USA TODAY 10 April 2014


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