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2nd Quarter Goals for #ROW80

In #amwriting, Goals on April 8, 2014 at 10:06 am

PWCicon2Writing. A solitary adventure. Every book is a marathon race against yourself. It’s not about speed, but endurance. Every step forward is progress, but if you jump in at full speed, you’ll lose momentum early on and wear your body down.

I hit burnout pretty bad in the first quarter of 2014, but many MANY great things happened despite my self-doubt.


  • Thunder and Roses came out in January (through Loose Id)
  • Tall, Dark and Alpha came out in March (Indie Pub)


TDA hit

  • Top 100 in Barnes and Noble
  • Top 50 in Amazon US
  • Top 25 in Amazon Australia (international bestseller!)
  • Top 50 in Amazon Canada
  • #1 in multiple categories for Amazon UK, Japan, and Germany
  • Recommended Read by USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog


  • #12 in Paranormal Romance Authors for Amazon
  • Top 100 in four Amazon categories: Paranormal Romance, Romance Books, Romance Kindle Ebooks, and Literature and Fiction Kindle Ebooks

Website/Brand Launch

  • Seven Sinful Scribes (blog goes live April 16th)
  • Seven Sinful Scribes Facebook Page
  • Seven Sinful Scribes Facebook Fan Group


  • Halloween Heat II won Best Menage Romance Anthology 2013

New Projects on the Horizon (Most are Super Secret until the ink dries on the contracts)

  • Charity Anthology, expect more to come on this next month. Readers voted for a Silver Tongued Devils side story
  • Ambrosia Tavern Boxed Set (title and release Date TBD)
  • Super Secret Project November release date!! This is GONNA ROCK!
  • The Naughty List Boxed Set (Holiday collection of steamy romances by yours truly)
  • A 2015 BIG project! I can’t wait to tell you more!!
  • Continuation of the Silver Tongued Devils characters in two new ebooks by summer’s end.

Series Closeouts Planned for the Rest of the Year

  • Hunger Universe: Closed out by the end of the year
  • WTF Dragon: Closed out by 4th Quarter
  • Silver Tongued Devils: Closed out by the end of the year
  • Deep Cravings universe stories (No approved series name yet) by the end of the year
  • Dark Talisman by the end of the year

New Series Launches 2014-2015

  • Heartbreak Ridge -Launches in December
  • A currently unnamed Vampire series, due to launch in March of next year (big secret project LOL!)
  • Rift Wars
  • Holly Savage – Launches in November
  • Sakura Jones, Demon Slayer – Launches in September

Bad things happened as well, but we’ll glide over those and not give them any more time in my head. Let’s just say when the chips were down and I was at my lowest, helping hands rose me back up. The love and caring of readers, fellow authors, friends, and family can never be matched. I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful community.

Now it’s time to set up goals for the Second Quarter of 2014. As always, I will likely shoot for the moon and come up in North Dakota, but that’s okay…I’ll get more done than not. 🙂 

A Round of Words in 80 Days 2nd Quarter Challenge



Books that need to be done by the end of the quarter:

  1. Antonio – cowritten with Ditter Kellen
  2. Feral Hunger (yes, I’m STILL tweaking this novel. Two years is a long time to work on one, but I’m almost done with it!)
  3. Recipe for Disaster
  4. Silver Tongued Devils goes solo this quarter so I need to finish up a followup story for the trio to go with the single title ebook release.
  5. Dragons Never Lie
  6. Silver Tongued Devils new book for the charity anthology (readers voted!)
  7. Christmas Belle revamp (my first Christmas story, ever. I have to do some heavy revisions) – Part of a holiday collection I’m putting together this year.
  8. Winter Break revamp (same as Christmas Belle)
  9. Start Christmas as Heartbreak Ridge
  10. Halfway through my Ambrosia Tavern book.
  11. Ravenous Hunger (a Tale of the Valorian Resistance)
  12. Renegade Hearts
  13. Angel’s Masquerade (revise and resubmit I need to finish up and resub)

The first six are contracted so have to be done. 🙂 ❤ No pressure. LOL! The results of burnout and it’s ripple effects.

Goal for 4/7-4/13

  • 7k on Antonio
  • 7k on Feral Hunger
  • Recipe for Disaster plotted
  • Silver Tongued Devils interlude plotted
  • 500 words on Dragons Never Lie (weekend work)
  • Anthology Silver Tongued Devils book plotted
  • Get through 2k on Christmas Belle revamp

Ways to Avoid Burnout

  • Write in the morning when I’m refreshed
  • Edit at night when my creativity has been sapped by full time domestic goddess duty
  • Read and relax for a few hours every night
  • Give myself permission to take time off when I need it
  • Every day visualize what I love about the characters/book/situation before I begin writing
  • The night before, get amped up about the scene I’ll be writing the next day!

That’s it for me. 🙂

That’s enough, I know. 🙂

If you’d like to join in on the personal challenge of A Round of Words in 80 Days, check out the event HERE.

If you’d like to see what everyone’s starting goals are, check out the linky list HERE.


  1. Thank you,through selfless sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences that will make our world a better place to live. Thank you and hope that you will enjoy what I posted and post. Thanks again!

  2. Dawn, I’m so glad to see you’ve come out the other side of burnout. I love your line about aiming for the moon and ending up in North Dakota! You’ve got some good plans for avoiding burnout–I’ve been there so often and so long, it stopped being a timeshare and became a rental. I look forward to seeing you tick off these goals this Round–you go, girl!

  3. Wow, that is quite a list. Wish I could write anywhere near that fast.

    Good luck on the goals. Glad to see you have recognized your burnout and made some thoughts about how to avoid it. I like the quote at the way top about writing being a marathon; it ties in nicely.

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