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March Tidings

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I always greet March with shock. How, I ask, did this year fly by so fast? It’s the third month of the first quarter, and the end of ROW80 Round One is almost upon us. I am so far behind on administration and keeping up with my blog (and how you guys out there are doing!), but I’ve pulled ahead on other projects that demanded my time.

If you’re new here or haven’t been here in a while, you should know that I tend to keep things lighthearted on my blog and in comments. I poke fun at myself often because laughter makes even the dullest day shine brighter.

I’m no expert in the writing process, but if you find something here that helps you, awesome! If not, discard what doesn’t work and find your own way. If you’ve read the warnings and are ready to continue, welcome to the rest of the post.

TDAONEWEEKThis week is Crazy. Two books begin on Monday (as in page one, word one) and two others are in the world building and planning stages.

Remember that revise and resubmit for Angel’s Masquerade back in January? I’ve finally figured out what needs to happen in the book.

It’s also release week (Tall, Dark & Alpha will release next Saturday!) so I’m going to be all over the place with promo for this baby. If you like contests, there will be tons available on the Facebook page and several other locations.

More to come later. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to know all the crazy happenings before they begin.

Now back to the writing side.

Works in ProgressNew Projects

  • Antonio (book 2 of Thunder and Roses): It’s finally jumped out of the planning/plotting stages so chapter one starts Monday.
  • RenHearts (shortened title until it’s approved): A new sci fi romance novella. I’m building the playlist today so I can get to work first thing Monday morning.

World Building and Stages

  • Heartbreak Ridge: My contemporary romance is taking as long to plan out as I’d feared. If I had to choose between writing contemporary romances or eating pumpkin soup (my least favorite thing in the world…ever…next to fried squash, but I digress), I’d choose the soup and ask for seconds.
    Contemporary romance is a genre I live in fear of. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I am seriously intimidated. 🙂
    Back in January I promised to break out of my shell a bit with this book, but my nerves seem to have me at panic. LOL! I’m currently building the backstory of both main characters. Second week of March I’ll write the first words in this scary new venture. This week I’ll finish up their backstories and make sure I know where the story will begin.
  • An as-of-yet-unnamed Urban Fantasy I’m building the characters and the world. This week I’ll set up the scrivener world building file, coordinate some plotting time for the evenings, and research fox spirits.

Revise and Resubmit

  • I need to break down the scenes and make notes where Angel’s Masquerade needs to be expanded. Once I have that settled, I’ll know where to begin. I find rewriting a book to be far more difficult than starting from scratch, so I’m taking my time and doing it right. My heart can’t take another maybe or no right now. 🙂 I need good news! LOL!

#ROW80 Goals for March (and the week)


We’ll make this set of goals as simple as possible. I have five books on my table this month. Too many, yes, but I can’t do anything about that. Taking a week off at the end of February was revitalizing. I have no regrets. 🙂

Goals for the Month of March

Antonio‘s Book is planned for 65k words (so was Thunder and Roses, but that sucker ended up at 97k). I need to write a chapter a week to stay on target, but I’m nothing if not aware of my own plot hangups (and emotional rollercoaster during writing). So we’ll plan for six chapters of Antonio in March (1.5 a week isn’t too bad).

RenHearts is going to be hard and fast (and not in a fun way). I have no time to get it done so this baby has to make it into the editor before the Ides of March are upon us. It’s a 25k novella that will have to be edited and polished to within an inch of its life before submission. RenHearts will be done by the end of this week and submitted by March 15th. Fun.

Heartbreak Ridge will be a 65k novel. I need to finish up the backstory, figure out what the characters want and then get them on the page. To make my goal, I’ll need to write six chapters a month. That’s what I get for letting fear invade. If I don’t make the May 31st deadline, I’m afraid I’ll put contemporary away again for another couple of years, and I’m not ready to do that. 🙂 I need five chapters of Heartbreak Ridge done by the end of March.

My NoName Urban Fantasy will be novel-length. The world building is fun and the backstory is almost all complete. The only thing I have left to do is…oh yeah…figure out a title. ;). So a title and one chapter a week is more than enough since this doesn’t have a pressing deadline. I won’t begin writing it, however, until RenHearts is done. (keeping this one vague until RenHearts is finished)

Angel’s Masquerade, my revise and resubmit, is at 35k. I need to get it up to 65k to meet my original vision. Since I’ve been given the blessing to expand it to the length I’d originally intended, I’m ready to roll. In March, you ask? Why yes. Of course. The end of this month will be two months since the RR. It’s a personal mission to ensure the editors get the new copy within two months of the original RR letter. My goal then: expand, edit, and resubmit Angel’s Masquerade by the end of March.

Goals for March 1-8

  1. Antonio: Chapter 1 complete. With RenHearts as my focus, I’ll keep this goal low.
  2. RenHearts: 25k by Sunday. I expect setbacks on Saturday and Sunday due to the release of the Boxed Set (YAY!) so if I can have it done by Friday, even better.
  3. Heartbreak Ridge: Finish planning the book, building the characters, and figuring out where I’ll begin the story. (It always begins at the beginning, except when it doesn’t.)
  4. Urban Fantasy: A title. That’s my big goal for the UF this week. Figure out a title.
  5. Angel’s Masquerade: Sketch out the new Prologue/Chapter One. I’ll give it the original introduction I’d intended so I’m excited! Man, am I glad I kept my notes.

Non-writing stuff that has to be finished this week:

  1. Organize my office by Monday. I can’t put this off any more. We moved everything around, but if I start writing now, it’ll end up turning into a nightmare around my desk. I have to get this done.
  2. Build my Tall, Dark & Alpha webpages.
  3. Finish a PDF news bulletin about the Tall, Dark & Alpha Boxed Set.
  4. Help a friend with their Media Kit.
  5. Finish all the remaining promo images by Monday.
  6. Send out my newsletter on release day with the first chapter of my book, Silver Tongued Devils, from the TDA boxed set.

So that’s my March Madness. My insane push at the end of the quarter. Almost all of this was scheduled before 2014 even began so please don’t think I’m heaping tons of work on myself. Burnout set me back some, but I was able to set aside a few projects until later. So if you’re following along, welcome to my writing journey. 

I’m part of a great motivational writing group known as A Round of Words in 80 Days. Click here to find out how other did this week and here if you want to become a part of it!

Keep Writing!



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