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In #amwriting on January 16, 2014 at 1:38 pm

Deadline DungeonDeep in deadline. I’m moving from one deadline to the next and I think I’ve about run out of steam. I haven’t disappeared. I promise. I’ll catch up with the Round of Words in 80 Days folks this weekend. You guys are rockin’ the new year!

In two weeks’ time I’ve:

  • Finished one short story
  • Completed intense edits on a 97k novel
  • Written over 20k of new content (Angel’s Masquerade, some for Thunder and Roses, A Pirate’s Bride, and finishing up the chapters for the proposal)
  • Created a monthly word count check off sheet for my writing groups (see below for my efforts)
  • Did edits on two story for my critique partners
  • Completed a proposal for my editors (First three chapters of the first book plus a synopsis of it and the following two books)
  • Plotted out my contemporary novel, Heartbreak Ridge
  • Almost finished Angel’s Masquerade (another extension for it, so thankful the editor is excited for this as I am!)

I have the following left to finish before this week ends:

  • Finish Angel’s Masquerade and submit it
  • Edit and polish up the proposal to send out by Sunday
  • Finish the making word count sheets for the rest of the year (I can push that off until the end of the month if I have to)
  • Promote the HUGE giveaway event starting tomorrow and lasting until the 24th of January (my birthday)

I wish I could just take some time off after AM goes in, but I’ve got to hit the ground running with Silver Tongued Devils, get some content up for promo, and work on the promo tour with my fellow Tall, Dark & Alpha authors.

January 250 Word Calendar 2014


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