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Edits and Other Reasons My Brain Melted Down

In #amwriting on January 9, 2014 at 11:22 am


Expect this post to be random. Because that’s where I am today. 🙂

Keep Writing

Edits. 334 pages. 97, 341 words. Four days. Managed two complete chapter overhauls. Plus 2.3k in additional wordage (not counting the words deleted, changed, added to, etc.). And a partridge in a pear tree. I’ve been reminded that Christmas is over by my dear husband, SuperChef, but if you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time you’ll know the last three months have blended together.

Thunder and Roses began it’s journey (Hey, wait! Don’t run away! I’ll keep it short, I promise!). 

*ahem* Thunder and Roses started December 26, 2012. By the time it’s released, this hefty novel will have been a year and a month in the making. 🙂

Four days isn’t much time to do edits. Definitely not much time to do edits THAT extensive. Unless you don’t sleep. And only eat when your husband pokes you with a stick and passes you a plate with the threat of force-feeding you if you don’t eat…theoretically, of course.

So why four days?

I had other books due. My writing partner has a convention she’s hosting in January. She was sick. I was exhausted. Neither one of us wanted to tackle the big book. Until we couldn’t put it off any more.

I also managed to turn in the book to our editor with four minutes to spare on a visit from a dear friends who’d kept me sane during my last remote tour. Unfortunately she saw me in deadline mode. Talk about scary! The fact that she still hugged me means she must really love me. My hair and clothes were comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they were a good option for company.

By the time my friend left and the house settled down, I’d been awake for over twenty-six hours. I slept for seven and spent the rest of the day fielding editing questions and rewriting two scenes (as well as changing the time line for the first two chapters). Then slept again. Woke this morning and did the final edits. Now it moves on to the next level of editing. The fine-tune polishing of line editing. I have ten days until it’s due back in my hands. In the meantime, I have books to finish.

BUT…my brain won’t function. 🙂

TR Digital AnnouncementSo I made things. Like this:

It was fun to make Facebook covers. And build promotional material for my upcoming books. I even built a cover for a self-publish book coming out under a different name.

I tweaked my excel spreadsheet for 2014. Fiddled with color palettes. Ensured the formulas were good to go for all four quarters.

I also became a ROW80 sponsor for the first quarter of 2014!

Since my head is already in an editing/linear-minded mode, I think I’m going to work on the synopses for my proposal due soon. First three chapters of book 2 in the Deep Cravings universe, plus synopses for the next two books in the series. Maybe I’ll pitch the next Hunger books as well so I can get an official series name. Holy cow.

Did I mention my first novel, Primal Hunger, will be released in Print March 25, 2014? How’s that for crazy?

I was also told that since I’m working on series this year, I might want to consider revamping my two websites to have series blurbs for people to read up on. So the question I have for you guys is this:

How do you search for books on a favorite author’s site? Do you look by series name? By genre? By print or ebook? I’d like to keep it as simple as possible. Let me know in comments!

That’s it for me. I’m a day late for this post, but I’m better now. Tomorrow I’ll be back to writing. You guys rock and don’t stop writing!

#ROW80 update


Goals for this week:

  • Finish and submit Angel’s Masquerade – Now that T&R’s edits are done, this is the priority. 
  • Finish edits for Thunder and Roses (due by the 7th) – Finished this one last night. Five minutes before a very dear friend stopped by. She saw me in my deadline hell clothes and hair. I’m sure it will haunt her for years-to-come. Continuing…finished the third round of edits by Thursday morning. First round finished Tuesday night. Wednesday was scene overhauls. Been an editing frenzy, my friends!  
  • Get through the first three chapters of Sex and Magic book 2 with the goal of finishing and submitting the proposal by January 15th. – I’m on chapter one. Since edits were just finished, this is a higher focus for the rest of the week.
  • Plot Heartbreak Ridge (this is part of my 500 words a day challenge. I can’t start writing it until it’s plotted, so this part is key to completing the 500!) – A quarter plotted. Edits took up the majority of this week. 
  • And if I have time, finish A Pirate’s Bride. – Finished this on Sunday. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it though…

I’m part of a great motivational writing group known as A Round of Words in 80 Days. Click here to find out how other did this week and here if you want to become a part of it!

  1. Oh… my! *passes over cup of virtual hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and a cinnamon stick* Sounds like you need this.

    Still, I can’t help but think you’ll be so much happier to say that you’re done after all of this, Dawn… though adding the extra duties of a ROW80 sponsor on top of all of this? Well, I’m glad you joined us, but … WOW!

    Rest easy and don’t worry about the partridge… that’s stuff is good fertilizer for the pear tree anyway. 😀

    • LOL at the partridge!

      *gulps down the hot chocolate with a happy sigh*

      I will be ecstatic once all this is off my plate. It’ll be a huge relief. 😀

      Happy ROW-ing!

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