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January Writing Projects and Coming Soon

In #amwriting, Goals on January 5, 2014 at 12:11 am

2014 is upon us! It kind of snuck up on you, didn’t it? For me it was a sloooow trudge through the bog of eternal stench. Okay, 2013 wasn’t that bad, but it had it’s lows. Now I’m here with you and ready to begin a new adventure!

Today marks a very special day for me. It’s my seven year anniversary as a published author. 🙂 Happy Anniversary to me!

dk_dm_thunderandroses_coverlgJanuary is actually full of celebratory awesomeness. My birthday is this month (24 January). The 16th marks two years as a full-time writer. 😀 January 8th is also my final retirement from the Air Force.

My temporary retirement ends and the medical evaluation this summer stated that while my health has improved since my injuries in the military, it will never get any better so there will be no way to return to active duty. Ever. LOL. Bittersweet for sure, but it means I can finally close that chapter in my life.

And finally…January 28th marks the release of Thunder and Roses, a book I started writing with Ditter Kellen in December 2012, has finally come full circle.

This year is a critical one. It’s my final one as a full-time writer if I don’t bring in a more substantial income (I gave myself a three-year plan when I started). I have a good feeling about the books coming out, but I’m cautious and holding back optimism. It’s a wait-and-see kind of thing. 🙂

The only way to keep myself calm is bury myself in work. While more releases might increase my sales of other books, a poor quality release might destroy any chances I have at gaining new readers. So I’m dedicated to writing and producing the best quality I’m capable of.

January is super busy, though. It’s the start of a new year, a new quarter, and the beginning of A Round of Words in 80 Days 2014!

#ROW80 update


Goals for January: 

finish the following:

  • Angel’s Masquerade (35k novella)
  • Sex and Magic proposal (1st 3 chapters, plus synopsis of other books in the series)
  • Silver Tongued Devils (25k novella)
  • Shift the NightDark Talisman (25k novella)
  • Dragons Never LieWTF Dragon (20k novella)
  • A Pirate’s Bride (4k short story) Finished January 4th
  • Final edits for Thunder and Roses (releases 28 January 2014)

begin the following: 

  • Heartbreak Ridge
  • Antonio’s book (cowritten with Ditter Kellen)

Goals for this week:

  • Finish and submit Angel’s Masquerade
  • Finish edits for Thunder and Roses (due by the 7th)
  • Get through the first three chapters of Sex and Magic book 2 with the goal of finishing and submitting the proposal by January 15th.
  • Plot Heartbreak Ridge (this is part of my 500 words a day challenge. I can’t start writing it until it’s plotted, so this part is key to completing the 500!)
  • And if I have time, finish A Pirate’s Bride(Update: I finished this right before the post went live!)

I’m part of a great motivational writing group known as A Round of Words in 80 Days. Click here to find out how other did this week and here if you want to become a part of it!

  1. Right, so, in order: Happy 7th anniversary, happy birthday, happy 2nd anniversary, happy retirement and happy book launch! *brings in many cakes and balloons* Good luck with the plotting and the editing and all the other work!

  2. Ohh sounds like you’re about to have an awesome time :). Good luck!

  3. I hate that it’s such a hard time for authors to do this full time. That is my ultimate goal, but there is so much more competition than there used to be. Here’s hoping you have a break-out novel that sells like hotcakes! 🙂

  4. Happy book launch, Dawn. (love the cover! *sighs*)

    Glad to see you back in the ROW80 too. NIce set of goals… and a nice some of these already done.

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