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2013 in Review

In Write Talk on January 1, 2014 at 4:04 am

This is a lengthy post. Feel free to skip over it if you’re so inclined. I like to keep track of how things went by month.


Number of words written this year (doesn’t count rewrites, only the final tally): 259,066, that’s roughly 4,984 words a week. Not great, but not too shabby either.

Three Releases as Dawn Montgomery:
  • Haunting Melody St. Claire (May 31, 2013)
  • Hidden Confections (December 6, 2013)
  • Deep Cravings (December 18, 2013)
Completed stories:
  • Rewrites for Haunting Melody St. Claire (accepted and released)
  • Thunder and Roses (rejected, resubbed, accepted)
  • Private Cowboy (submitted)
  • Deep Cravings (accepted and released)
  • Shift the Night (editing)
  • Angel’s Masquerade (editing)
  • Hidden Confections (accepted and released)
  • Rewrites for Last Rites (shelved until January)
  • The Collector (rejected, shelved)

Current guaranteed release schedule for 2014: 

  • Thunder and Roses with Ditter Kellen on January 28, 2014
  • Silver Tongued Devils as part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxset on March 8, 2014

Series continuation for 2014: 

  • Dragons Never Lie (WTF Dragon book 3)
  • WTF Dragon book 4
  • WTF Dragon book 5
  • Feral Hunger (Hunger universe)
  • Ravenous (Hunger universe)
  • Sex and Magic series books 2-4
  • Raven’s Wing (Dark Talisman)
  • Antonio’s book (Thunder and Roses universe)

Other books planned (through 2014 and beyond): 

  • Finish A Captain’s Woman (cowritten with Eve Vaughn)
  • Sabian
  • Finish Voodoo Carnival
  • Enraptured
  • Entrapped
  • Entangled
  • Heartbreak Ridge (my first contemporary since 2007)
  • Carter’s Legacy
  • Submit Last Rites
  • Lengthen and submit The Collector
  • Unbreakable Me

Breakdown of 2013 by Month


  • January 5th marked six years as a professional writer.
  • January 16th marked my one year anniversary as a full-time writer
  • Overall, this month was the most challenging in my career. I had a lot of hard knocks to overcome and it took me about six months to come to terms with it.
  • Began writing Thunder and Roses


  • Haunting Melody St. Claire was accepted by Ellora’s Cave.
  • Rough patch continued into this month. I started seriously doubting myself.
  • Kept working on Thunder and Roses.
  • Started Sabian.
  • February 27th was my one year Air Force retirement anniversary. So much had changed in that one year!


  • Kept writing Thunder and Roses. Finished it, but Ditter and I found serious plot holes. On the project table in April.


  • Camp NaNoWriMo happened. It replaced Script Frenzy and was a lot of fun. I actually won. It would start a winning streak for me throughout the year.
  • I created a WriMo writing group on Facebook
  • Set up a writing chat room for sprinters
  • Started Raven’s Daughter (it went through several name incarnations) and Created an in depth plotting outline for Silver Tongued Devils (Set this project aside until December as other works took priority)


  • I had so much fun with Camp that I started up a challenge with A Round of Words in 80 Days. It was good to get back in the swing of things.
  • May 31st Haunting Melody St. Claire released from Ellora’s Cave. It became a recommended read on the USA Today Happy Ever After blog.


  • Haunting Melody St. Claire hit made it up to #5790 in overall Kindle sales rank. Too awesome!
  • I talked about Keeping Your Head in the Game 
  • Started Voodoo Carnival
  • Had a wonderful time writing with Cynnara Tregarth. Seeing her back in the writing game was one of the biggest highlights of my year. She and I started writing around the same time.
  • June was the first release of a paperbook book under a different penname. It’s an experiment that proved strangely successful so I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings with it.


  • Participated in the second CampNaNoWriMo event of the year with Raven’s Daughter (series name). I didn’t win (lesson learned that 50k is a ridiculous goal for mid-summer with the kids home and boooooored), but I had a lot of fun writing!
  • The first Free for Writers post went out. (There were more throughout the year, just check out the tag “Free for Writers“)
  • Wrote and submitted Private Cowboy
  • Wrote and submitted The Collector
  • Published a post called the Guide to Getting it Done
  • I started using a task program called Todoist. It’s saved me a whole mess of headaches and kept me organized. (If you’d like to check out my reviews on software I use, check out the category “Software“)
  • I got Back on Track and chatted about Stephen King’s use of imagery.
  • Talked about Courage and how there is no magic involved. Courage is actually being afraid to fail and doing it anyway.
  • Started the Five Things posts. (There were more throughout the year, just check out the tag “Five Things“)
  • The gigantor novel, Thunder and Roses, hit 94k and I was seriously burned out. It was in the bag and ready to submit.
  • I hit a crossroads with co-writing. Ditter Kellen and I had projects pop up that were solo so we decided to work on a different sort of schedule. The first half of the year would be cowritten projects for me while the second half would focus on our other writing needs. For me, January through the end of June will be cowriting projects, boxsets, group promotion events, and calls for submission while July through December would focus on series I needed to work on, solo projects, and my other pennames.
  • Melissa Blue visited my blog. I loved having her and her fans were super sweet!
  • I had my first Hot Wash, lessons learned and overall summary, of Camp NaNoWriMo. It was definitely a learning experience and I was pretty blunt about where I went wrong in my overzealous attempts to be super writer.
  • Started Hidden Confections (Holiday Calls for Submission)


  • I got a little peeved by some supposed writing experts talking down to newer writers about how they were doing everything wrong (cue eye roll here). So, of course, I wrote a post about called Own the Way You Write
  • Did final edits on Thunder and Roses and submitted it.
  • Attended the Savvy Authors summer symposium (so awesome!)
  • Received a sweet rejection for The Collector
  • Submitted Hidden Confections
  • Submitted Dark Cravings (had a title change from Chocolate Kiss)
  • This month was the first ray of light in RL (real life) for SuperChef (my husband) and me. We finally found a way out of the muck that made 2013 one of the toughest in my life.
  • We got a new furkid (Puck, the black lab and adorable rescue)


  • Started writing Dragons Never Lie (WTF Dragons 3)
  • Attended four writing workshops this month. They were awesome!
  • Hidden Confections was accepted for publication
  • My Facebook author page hit 500 likes within 24 hours!
  • Developed Better Than Sex Red Velvet Cupcake recipe for Hidden Confections
  • Thunder and Roses was rejected by the first publisher so we resubmitted it elsewhere. It was picked up in a flash by Loose Id on the 30th.
  • Deep Cravings was accepted.


  • Became a Round of Words in 80 Days sponsor
  • Revisited a previously shelved cowritten project entitled The Captain’s Woman. It had been derailed when I had an unexpected deployment in my military days so Eve Vaughn and I were ready to check it out again.
  • Pulled FoxFire because a publisher showed interest in the series.
  • Had some online stalking going on (repeated blocking didn’t work as he, if it was a he, kept creating new accounts and harassing me) so I pulled away from social media for a month or so to let it die down. I recently came back to using Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.
  • Got coverart and a release date for Thunder and Roses (January 28, 2014)
  • Began writing Angel’s Masquerade for a Loose Id call for submission


  • NaNoWriMo
  • Edits. Edits. And more Edits.
  • The kids decided to try and write with me during NaNoWriMo. I set up their accounts on the Young Writers Program page, and got them started. One made it all the way through, the other one fizzled out about halfway through, but he doesn’t bother me when I’m writing anymore. I think he might have learned it’s a bit harder than he thought it would be.
  • I won NaNoWriMo but it was tough. Very tough. I ended up having to switch to a completely different book (A Familiar Kiss, once again, failed to get completed. I’ve tried this baby five times now. Maybe I should shelve it permanently).
  • I was invited to participate in a March release Boxset entitled: Tall, Dark & Alpha. Silver Tongued Devils is the project I chose for it. I began writing it this month.


  • Wrote like crazy on Angel’s Masquerade, Silver Tongued Devils, A Devil’s Bargain, and was asked to submit a partial for a continuation of the Deep Cravings universe.
  • Started a newsletter.
  • Hidden Confections released.
  • Deep Cravings released (and made USA Today’s Recommended Read list for the Happy Ever After Blog! My second one this year!).

So that’s it. Wow. Quite a lot. 😀 

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