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Release Week Freakout And Writing

In #amwriting, Goals on December 18, 2013 at 7:52 am

This is a loooong post. Prepare yourself. Go for coffee. Get a bagel. Maybe some eyedrops for dry eyes…LOL!

I’m a huge author fangirl. There are some authors who drive me crazy with buildup on a story’s release (a year lead-up of excerpts and teasers) and others who hit me upside the head when it happens with a “oh yeah, btw” post.

To bypass my freakout, I’ve set up my favorite vendors with newsletter/email updates on my favorite authors. Super easy to do. I’ll show you the Amazon one, really quick. Find your favorite author’s page (click on the image below to go straight to mine) and on the right hand side you’ll find the email options. As another option, when you find a book you like and want to see more from the author in the future, hover over the author’s name to have a popup window offering to send you to their Amazon page. Right under that link is the option to subscribe. 🙂


I thought it was something relatively unique to me as a person prone to panicking if I miss my authors’ newest releases. But the coolest thing happened at 3 AM today (how often can you say that?), I received the most incredible Facebook message from a fan who told me how excited she was to have my latest books. And how she received an email from Amazon two days in a row about new books available this month (Hidden Confections popped up on Amazon the day after Deep Cravings went on preorder).

Dude. Someone has signed up for email notifications at Amazon for MY BOOKS? I had to read it three times. She was also, my friends, a person who had never communicated with me before.

😀 I have no idea what to say except that is SO COOL!

[updated to add] Another fan told me her book downloaded at 12:03 AM. I am over the moon!

Pre-order is so surreal.

Deep Cravings is a story that I had with a different publisher for a while (under another title). I pulled it for one reason or another and thought I’d made a huge mistake because it was one of my best selling titles with them. There were some serious problems with the original, though, glaring ones that killed me to read and reread, much less recommend to anyone. So I pulled it. And polished it. And sat on it for ten months. Finally, I submitted it to Ellora’s Cave. Since this was a tongue-in-cheek erotic romance, I wasn’t sure what my editor would think.

I didn’t expect a resounding yes. Nor did I expect a request for more in the series.

(Series? Panic! What series? Btw, I’m working on a series proposal as we speak.)

All of this good news is amazing. It was a tough year for a lot of reasons. One of the hardest in my life. The last two years, if I’m completely honest. Since May, however, it’s taken an impressive rise.

Despite all this…the upturn to the end of the year, the amazing response from people who told me they’d pre-ordered it last week, the authors who have gone out of their way to help share my books this month, and the fact Deep Cravings had already been released a long time ago…I suffered from serious pregame jitters.

It’s predictable enough that my husband is prepared. Two days before release, I start researching alternate jobs, new genres, other pen-names. I mean, what’s up with that? Why do this to myself? At first I’m not even aware that it’s my pregame routine. I get restless and slightly short-tempered. Bless my family for figuring this out and distracting me with hilarity and ridiculous foodstuffs.

That night, I’ll barely sleep. Or write. Or think. I will bury myself in some mundane thing and not emerge until I’m exhausted after the sun rises. By then, however, I realize…it’s RELEASE DAY. *cue Psycho shower scene music*

I suddenly realize why I was freaked out the day before. My husband, who is used to this by now, leads me through the paces. He makes comfort food and reminds me that I’ve done this before. “No it’s not okay to just quit writing.” “Yes, I know what tomorrow is. You’ll be fine. The book will be fine.”


I make it through the day and night and, strangely enough, the world doesn’t explode on release day. Once I see that it’s available, I can stop panicking, and just inform everyone who’s interested in picking up a copy.

Pre-order eased so much of that anxiety. I was shocked and amazed by how much easier my heart handled the morning’s release day information.

With the exception of the two days of non-productive writing, let’s see how I did so far this week on my writing goals.

#ROW80 update


Goals for the rest of 2013: 

  • Angel’s Masquerade (working title) submission 30 December 2013 (25k minimum, shooting for an April release)
  • Holly Savage 1 Finished and off to edits (14k remaining, shooting for a January release)
  • Silver Tongued Devils (Tall, Dark and Alpha boxset, releases 8 March 2014) halfway done by the end of the year (15k by the end of the year)
  • Dragons Never Lie (WTF Dragon 3) a chapter per weekend (shooting for a February release)
  • *A Devil’s Bargain done and submitted by 30 December (15k remaining)
  • *A Pirate’s Bride done and submitted by 31 December (4k remaining)
  • Final edits for Thunder and Roses (releases 28 January 2014)

* represents any leftover time I might have. LOL! Like I’d really have any, but you never know.

Goals for next Sunday (color Coded for my own needs):

  • Angel’s Masquerade: 20k (note, these are the numbers I want the book to be at, not the total to write this week) – I need to work extra hard to make my goal here. It’s due soon, and I want to have it finished before I get Thunder and Roses edits since it’s for the same publisher. 
  • Holly Savage: 7.5k – Holly slips to the wayside because she’s a self-pubb’d title in a new genre (non romance related). I can cut out the word count here if I need to make goals elsewhere. 
  • Sex and Magic 2: 2.5k – 1k into this. It’s in the same world as Deep Cravings
  • A Devil’s Bargain: 2.5k
  • Silver Tongued Devils: 2.5k – No words on this so far this week. 
  • Pirate’s Bride: 1.5k – I’m at 1k now. It’s a very short story so I think I may knock it out today to bury myself in work. 🙂 
  • Dragons Never Lie: 5k – 2k to go on this one.

I expect to receive Thunder and Roses edits around Christmas. They’ll be rough, but necessary. It’s 94k after all…LOL.

I’m also going to post a Q&A so those who keep asking me questions about my writing this month can check it for the hows behind this process.

I’m part of a great motivational writing group known as A Round of Words in 80 Days. Click here to find out how other did this week and here if you want to become a part of it!

  1. W00t! Congratulations on the upcoming release and good luck with the series. The closest I’ve ever come to receiving email from fans is getting reviews and notifications on Fanfiction.net and I know that being told that somebody liked my goofy fanfic is enough to make me grin like a goon. I am pretty sure though, that when my original fiction starts being published, I will be a complete wreck up to and after launch because, gahhh! how could you NOT be freaked out about something like that?! *lol* Glad to hear you’re having a great year and here’s hoping things only get better!

    • Thank you Kathy! No matter how you gain fans or what they’re fans of…it’s always amazing. Every release I’ve had is a miracle to me. And I enjoy that feeling, even the crazy leading up to and after. I love fanfic, myself, and fangirl over my favorites all the time. 😀

  2. Good luck on your new release! Now breathe….

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