Dawn Montgomery


In #amwriting, Coverart on November 22, 2013 at 8:45 pm

It’s been a tough few weeks in the Montgomery household. Some personal struggles, a few unshakable headaches, and some edits/revisions that were more intense than I’d anticipated. What is it about edits that make you look at your work and say…man, this is such crap, why did the publisher take it in the first place?

From what I’ve gathered over the years, this is pretty common for us writer-types so I don’t let it keep me down for long.

I took a random poll on Facebook last week by asking how do you prefer your water: with ice, chilled, from the tap, bottled, room temperature, etc.

I was so surprised by the responses. Who knew that a minor disagreement between me and my husband over room temperature water would trigger such a great debate. I learned a lot about how my friends and fans loved their water and I realized…this isn’t something that would normally pop up in my character building. Why not? I mean…if you can’t stand the taste of city water or the way ice makes your teeth hurt, wouldn’t that be an interesting thing to know? And…if you have a vampire with a sensual connection through his fangs…what would cold do to him? Would it bring pleasure or pain? If cold created a highly sensitive response, would it increase his aggressive behavior? Trigger a response neither expected. See, this is what my head does all day. LOL!

Speaking of vampires…my latest EC book releases December 18th. Can you imagine becoming a vampire and realizing the change also triggered an extremely rare chocolate allergy? Could you live for eternity without another taste? I know I couldn’t.

The Vamp-Life sucks if you’re the only female vampire in the world allergic to chocolate. When a wizard with a penchant for kitchen magic comes to town, however, things can take a delicious and sinful turn. Chocolate goes well with…everything.

Rachel Karrin is at her wit’s end. The benefits to vampire life look pretty grim when her new powers come with limits on her favorite food. Chocolate. The rare allergy is unusual enough to gain the interest of the Kitchen Witch Society.

When the sexy, brooding Ryan Shepard shows up, there’s more than chocolate on the menu and his temptation is far more than she can take in her world of blood and sex.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Until next time, keep writing! I’m going underground to finish these revisions and will be back for air come Monday. Muah!


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