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The day before it begins!

In #amwriting on October 31, 2013 at 1:52 am

No excusesIt’s that time, people! National Novel Writing Month begins in less than eleven hours for me. 😀 I can’t wait to get started. Of course there are tons of last minute preparations going on. My illness wiped the floor with me for the past two weeks but I’m back on schedule!!!

I begin writing A Familiar Kiss tomorrow, but I’ve got other writerly duties to take care of as well.

Edits for Deep Cravings dropped in my lap yesterday. I have three days to finish up Shift the Night and get it into my editor. Not to mention a little side project I’m working on for next year. I’ve also been invited to participate in a fantastic anthology with some of my favorite authors. Lots of work. Lots of fun. A bit of stress. 😉

So here’s the deal. My NaNo word count comes first. The kids are writing their books so I can’t slack. All the side stuff I have going on, I’ll shoulder quietly because the last thing I want is their first National Novel Writing Months to be devastating to their ego. I have to make sure to reinforce their confidence, because writing is a tough process on your heart and mind. Not to mention fingers and hands…but that’s a whole other post on proper posture when writing.

I am proud to take that step with them and my husband. This year will be fun.

I’ll continue the NaNo Prep workshop into the month of November.

Prep for National Novel Writing Month (not something you have to do, I promise, just a checklist I keep for my own records):

  • Do you have an outline?
  • Do you know what you’re going to want to work on the first day?
  • Have you set up a visual calendar? (By the way, you should check out this reverse NaNoWriMo calendar that takes advantage of your enthusiasm at the beginning and leaves you with just one word on the 30th to complete the event. Her 2010 jpg is fantastic).
  • Do you have a timer set up for your personal focused writing sessions? I use E.gg Timer and Online Stopwatch so I don’t have to actually look a timer while I’m writing. Don’t forget about Cold Turkey (for PC) or SelfControl (for Mac) to block the websites that will distract you during your writing time.
  • Still floundering on where to begin? Check out Lynn Viehl’s National Novel Writing Month link roundup.
  • Have you suddenly been hit with inspiration but you think it’s too late? Try Holly Lisle’s Notecarding Under Pressure.
  • Not sure if you can really do this? How about an inspirational post from Kevin Wilson? “You are embarking upon a month-long incantation that might, possibly, produce magic.”
  • Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn and The Way of Kings) soothes you with his struggles at the beginning and reminds you to “think like a storyteller”.
  • Sherwood Smith (Coronets and Steel) tells you to “be the trickster god, throw things at the characters, follow them as they react, and have fun!”. 
  • How about some love from Piers Anthony?
  • By far my favorite pep talk ever comes from Brian Jacques (creator of Redwall, one of my all-time favorite series). He says “Do it! Start now! Don’t make excuses to yourself, that’s the easiest way of admitting failure.”

You can do this. *holds out a hand toward you* Write with me. Let’s make this a November to remember. 😀


  1. Woo I needed that too, seeing that I’m not the only one with a full plate but still motivated. *extends hand out* Happy writing!

  2. Reblogged this on zita's dream writing and commented:
    I love this author!

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