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Wednesday Woes and a Head Cold

In #amwriting on October 23, 2013 at 11:23 pm


Man oh man am I ever tired…

Tuesday and most of Wednesday were tough, motivation-wise. I couldn’t focus at all and was pretty cranky. After the kids got home from school I fell asleep at my desk…and then at dinner (I’m not kidding)…and then again immediately after. My husband was really worried (I was too tired to be) and tucked me into bed. I woke at 11pm with a fever and a serious stuffy head (headache, sinus congestion, etc.). Normal people would respond with ARGH I’m SICK! LOL. Unless you’re me and then it’s…THAT’S why I couldn’t concentrate. I was getting sick! *cue relief*

I’m sure that says something about me, but I’m not sure what. 😉

Truthfully, I have reasons to be relieved. I promise. In my last year in the service I took a pretty hard hit to the head that sent me into the hospital. I’d spend the next year and a half in and out of the emergency room from complications related to it. That time in my life is a blur of hazy memories and unwelcome fear. We had some pretty close calls. I’m happy to say I’m mostly recovered, but my brain kind of rewired itself. Occasionally I get confused and my memory goes a bit. Those times scare me to death. Any time I can’t concentrate, that nightmare time of my life sits in the back of my mind. Worrying won’t do anything for it, but you can’t help it. So since I know it’s a different issue, I can actually do something about it. I can accept that when I’m tired I have to sleep and that my body will ache while it’s trying to heal up.

For me this means lots of rest, some forgiveness, leniency in my goals, and homemade lemon and mint tea (the link goes straight to the recipe, if you’d like to see it). 

#ROW80 update


Goals this week:

  1. Three short stories for That Magic Touch. Each story will be an experiment I’m doing where I’ll sell a small collection of shorts stories for 99 cents and give the readers a chance to pick what I work on next. – I’ve organized my collection and have to write two more to finish it up. 
  2. 10k on Shift the Night – Shift the Night is almost done, but I’m going slow at the end (seems to be my M.O.). 
  3. Feral Hunger moves to the back burner until Shift the Night is done. – Got a chapter fleshed out. 
  4. Dragons Never Lie I’m not sure what I want to do with this one this week. Everything I’m working on is pretty dark so I might need to lighten up a bit. – Never made it past Shift the Night’s goal. 
  5. Format and upload Ravenous – Formatting will have to wait until the weekend. 

Weekend Goals: 

  1. The Captain’s Woman: Co-Written book I started years ago. My partner and I just picked it back up again and I’ve got a chapter to finish. – Finished a chapter on it. Will send it to my writing partner this weekend for her next round. 
  2. Organize my new cramped office space. My research materials take up a lot of surface area. I didn’t realize how much until I had to pack it all into one tall bookshelf. Argh. – Started on this and it’s looking so much better
  3. Make PDF copies of the two workshops I attended last month. The steampunk one was INCREDIBLE. So many thoughts racing around in my mind. 😀 – All PDF’s made, but I’m in a new workshop this week. So I’ll be going along with it. 

ROW80 Stuff: 

  • Make sure I stop by and give you guys some serious love! It’s the start of the 4th Quarter and I’m so ready to truck along with you all. – Catching up for the past week!

Things that happened this week: 

  • I submitted a synopsis for Savvy Author’s Entangled NaNoWriMo Smackdown (Entangled is a publishing company. Click HERE to go to their site.). The feedback was pretty awesome.
  • I’m sick, but it’s totally manageable. So a lot more forgiveness and less stress.
  • Last week’s overzealous physical labor did me in most of last week, but I’m feeling great again. Not great enough to rearrange furniture or hike a mountain, but I’m doing alright. 😀
  • Thank you for all the incredible support over the drama last Sunday (the guy I’ve had to block from every place in my virtual world). I promise we’re being safe, and I truly believe there’s no danger. You guys are awesome.

I’m part of a fantastic group called A Round of Words in 80 Days, and if you’d like to see how everyone else is doing, check out the list HERE.

Would you like to be a part of our writing challenge? Check out the rules HERE.

Keep Writing and I’ll see you on Sunday!

  1. Sending you lots and lots of hugs Dawn, I do wish you a speedy recovery; sorry to hear you’ve gone through so much in your lifetime, but really glad to hear of your positivity, that drive of yours will get you places, keep it up, you’re doing great. ✨

  2. Sounds like you’re doing great, despite feeling lousy. Hope the rest of the week is going well. TTFN

  3. Wow, you are right that you have cause to be worried when you can’t focus! How scary! I’m sorry you’re sick but glad that’s what was causing the trouble.

    You got quite a few things done this week, too. How did you do that when you’re sick? You are awesome!

    Feel better soon!

  4. I’m glad you are feeling better, and making progress. =)

  5. […] Wednesday Woes and a Head Cold […]

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