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Life, Lemons, and the Last Chance Saloon

In #amwriting on October 21, 2013 at 8:35 am

PWCicon2I spent my younger writing days absorbing everything thrown my way and comparing everything I did to others. Some told me if I wrote more than 500 words a day, it was crap (others said 1k, some said 250). Other people said if I didn’t write 5k a day I wasn’t trying hard enough.

Balancing real life and your writing life is unique to each person. The person who writes 5k a day may have to spend three days editing that 5k. The person who writes 500 words a day may do so without taking any breaks for the entire year. We can’t compare ourselves to others in a creative endeavor and hope to stay on track.

I lost my focus this week. It bummed me out so much I buried my head in a hole and tried to keep myself distracted by other things. Which kept me from writing and created a guilt cycle. LOL.

I made a promise to myself that I would post my bad weeks along with the good ones so I can be honest with you and myself about my writing progress. So here we are, a less than stellar week. 🙂 The sour lemons I came across will be a kickass hard lemonade by this week’s end. 😀

We have a week and a half left in October so if you’re a Last Chancer like me, let’s march through the week and a half to reach our goals. I know it takes me 1-2 hours to get 1k written. If I can dedicate 4-6 hours per day on one manuscript, I’ll be done with it before NaNoWriMo begins. *fingers crossed* If I can’t, then I just deal.

#ROW80 update


Goals last week (Sunday to Saturday):

  1. Three short stories for That Magic Touch. Each story will be an experiment I’m doing where I’ll sell a small collection of shorts stories for 99 cents and give the readers a chance to pick what I work on next. – Got NIL done on this one. I am totally bummed about it. 
  2. 10k on Shift the Night – I’m 2k shy of this goal, but I’m glad I got as much done as I did. 
  3. Feral Hunger moves to the back burner until Shift the Night is done. – Still simmering. 
  4. Dragons Never Lie I’m not sure what I want to do with this one this week. Everything I’m working on is pretty dark so I might need to lighten up a bit. – Never made it past Shift the Night’s goal. 
  5. Format and upload Ravenous – Didn’t happen. 

Because I didn’t reach most of my goals, they’re still on the list for this week. I have to get them all done.

Weekend Goals: 

  1. The Captain’s Woman: Co-Written book I started years ago. My partner and I just picked it back up again and I’ve got a chapter to finish. – Finished a chapter on it. Will send it to my writing partner this weekend for her next round. 
  2. Organize my new cramped office space. My research materials take up a lot of surface area. I didn’t realize how much until I had to pack it all into one tall bookshelf. Argh. – Started on this and it’s looking so much better
  3. Make PDF copies of the two workshops I attended last month. The steampunk one was INCREDIBLE. So many thoughts racing around in my mind. 😀 – All PDF’s made

ROW80 Stuff: 

  • Make sure I stop by and give you guys some serious love! It’s the start of the 4th Quarter and I’m so ready to truck along with you all. – Catching up for the past week!

Things that happened this week: 

  • A publisher showed huge interest in the Dark Talisman series so my co-author and I pulled it off the shelves to do up a requested submission package. The beautiful part about self publishing is that putting it back up for sale takes little time. More information on that in the future.
  • I lost my focus. Argh.
  • I overdid some manual labor last week so I’m still suffering from serious pain. It really sucks. I won’t go into detail except to say I can’t haul around 100+ lbs on my back any more.
  • Virtual harassment. I’ve drawn the attention of an individual who is going through some fascinating and scary hoops to let me know he’s always watching me. The guy (if he is a guy) freaked me out a bit yesterday by leaving fourteen comments on this blog (and a few on Facebook). I’ve blocked his IP address and am so thankful I have comments on moderation. It’s been six months now since his first contact. While he hasn’t directly threatened me, he’s shown some crazy possessive intentions. Weird. People. To date he’s created multiple Facebook accounts, hit me up on twitter, and now here. I’ve blocked him every step of the way. It feels weird to be cornered in such a large virtual world. Anyway, I let it get to me, but that’s not my style. So it’s back to it.

I’m part of a fantastic group called A Round of Words in 80 Days, and if you’d like to see how everyone else is doing, check out the list HERE.

Would you like to be a part of our writing challenge? Check out the rules HERE.

Keep Writing and see you Wednesday!

  1. Hang in there Dawn, sounds like you’ve had a tough and busy week (and yay on the publisher interest). Don’t be too hard on yourself, you have sensible goals, I’m sure you’ll get on top of it in the coming weeks. 🙂

  2. Hi Dawn! I’ve fallen behind on a lot of my goals recently, too, and gone into that guilt spiral. Not fun. Looks like you have a ton on your plate, but it sounds like you’ve got good plans in place to keep moving forward. Best wishes for your goals this week!

    • Thank you gypsyharper! Hugs on falling behind on yours. Once you get into that spiral, it’s tough to pull yourself out, but I’m doing it! Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  3. I’m bad about sharing my failures, too. I intend to do better this round, and actually stick around the full time. You aren’t kidding about the spiral. After a few weeks into last round, I started missing goals, then missed adjusting my goals to accommodate my non-writing deadlines, and stopped visiting Blogger almost completely. Sigh. I intend to do better this time.

    Best wishes on reaching your goals and avoiding Mr. Crazy-pants online.

  4. It’s hard to get the writing done when you’re dealing with physical issues, clutter, and something like the harasser! It sounds like you’re handling it all well, and know you shouldn’t beat yourself up over the fact that you didn’t get done what you wanted, and are moving on. Good luck readjusting your focus, and have a great week!

  5. “We can’t compare ourselves to others in a creative endeavor and hope to stay on track.” YES! This is so true! It just seems to be something I need regular reminders on. Thanks!

    Some weeks we don’t meet our goals. Life is like that. Lucky for us, we’re starting a brand new week right now. Better luck to both of us!

    And sorry you’re dealing with that electronic stalker. Take care.

    • A brand new week!!! I started off with a bang. 😀 How did you do?

      I am extremely careful about personal safety b/c you never know when someone’s crazy dips into dangerous.

      • Day 2 of the new week–so far so good! I actually got a lot done yesterday setting up some schedules and things I think will help me keep track of my goals and make it easier to keep moving on them.

        Glad you are careful!

      • Is it terrible to say setting up schedules and spreadsheets are some of my favorite parts of writing? 😀

  6. stalker sucks- good you have comments on moderation. Never compare self with others – destructive forces may be unleashed – you are you and great because of it – take care and all best for this week:)

  7. I’m right there with you on the picking myself up and walking forward. *hugs* We can do this. It’s just one step at a time. We can do it. Just move forward one thing at a time. Even if it’s baby steps, we can and will keep going!

  8. There’s a reason I prefer a buffet of goals – no guilt for those ebb weeks…they just renew me for the ones where the words pour forth like a robust, pure mountains spring.

    Breath a little, relax a little, be you a little….I think your words will come. =)
    Comment moderation is a handy tool! I hope the individual bores soon.

  9. A virtual stalker . . . seriously creepy. Stay safe.
    And hey, we all have weeks we’d rather not report. Kudos to you for keeping honest . . . and for attracting a publisher’s interest.
    All the best for a great week.

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