Dawn Montgomery

In the Bag: Chocolate Kiss

In #amwriting on August 30, 2013 at 1:03 am

In the Bag

Submission away!

There’s nothing in the world like it. Imagine being at the top of a roller coaster. The cars slow down and the sound of metal clicking blends in to the wind beating against your ear drums. Your stomach is tight and you’re waiting for the drop. Any second now. Any. second. now.

Then it’s off and your stomach twists and you want to scream (but it’s midnight and the rest of the house is asleep. Oh wait, the roller coaster metaphor…right). You reach the bottom and there’s more twists and turns, loops and dips, until finally it’s done.

Writing the book is that long climb up the first hill. The forming of words, paragraphs, chapters. Where the expectation inside you grows. Personal edits. Critique Partner read throughs.

Reaching the top is when it’s ready to submit. You do it and off you go.

Every twist, turn, loop, and dip afterward is part of the post submission process, but you never get over the first plunge.

Decadence Chocolate Kiss is in my editor’s hands.

Later today Red Velvet: Hidden Confection. G’night peeps. I’m wore out.

  1. […] Deep Cravings (formerly Chocolate Kiss) has been accepted for publication to the Ellora’s Cave Twilight line. It’s quickie length (15k) so might have a release date around the corner. It was one of my last submissions in August (the 30th according to this post). […]

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