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Nose to the Grindstone

In #amwriting on August 7, 2013 at 11:20 pm

PWCicon2I’ve got my head down and eyes on target this week. I may have bit off more than I can chew on the write-a-scene-a-day challenge, but so far so good on my other goals for the week. Since I’m working my brain overtime by doing edits AND creating new content at the same time, I’m gonna keep this Wednesday update short.

I will, however, send you all over the net to other cool stuff I’ve found this week. Click if you’d like to see. 🙂

For Romance Writers with aspirations to work for Harlequin, they’re about to launch their So You Think You Can Write Contest. If you’d like to see what their editors are saying (and it’s GREAT stuff!), CLICK HERE.

I love this infographic listing the top ten Robert A. Heinlein Quotes.

Samhain Publishing has a Horror line and a Gothic Horror Submission Call (call ends 15 September).

I did some work on my author site. I’d love it if you’d take a look and tell me what you think. If you click on the banner arrows, it stops the change.

For a great list of submission calls (no genre limits), check out Cindy Myers’s blog. There’s this really cool Mad Scientist sub call I found on her page.

If you’d like to check out my books, here are the links (warning, it’s ah…spiiiicy stuff, only 18 and over):

#ROW80 update

Week’s Goals: 

  1. Hidden Confection is moving along nicely. 😀 My 7.5k goal is on target. 
  2. Last Rites at 25% overhaul. Almost done here. 
  3. Have some unforeseen editing to wrangle, but once it’s done, I’m done with it for a while. *growls* Yeah, That’s how much I’m loving these, but they’re almost done. 
  4. I’m following Kait Nolan’s advice this week and pushing myself 10% harder than last week by upping my writing for Voodoo Carnival by writing one scene a day. Might have bit off more than I can chew here, but I’m trying. I’m sitting at my average of around 500 words a day on this project. *sigh*  

I’m part of a fantastic group called A Round of Words in 80 Days, and if you’d like to see how everyone else is doing, check out the list HERE.

Would you like to be a part of our writing challenge? Check out the rules HERE.

Keep Writing!

  1. Um…(a) AWESOME list of links. Thank you! (b) Congrats on your progress this week! Even if a scene a day has turned out to be too ambitious, at least you’re trying and seeing. (c) Your author site looks great! I don’t know what it looked like before, but I love the banner at the top (though in my opinion, it’s changing slides a second or two too quickly) & the site in general is clean & easy to navigate. Sigh. Someday I too will have an author site and it will have stuff on it. (d) HAUNTING MELODY ST. CLAIRE looks AWESOME! Running out to buy it.

    • Glad you liked the links! I think that’s why I like having a break in the middle where you figure out how you’re doing.

      I’ve got to figure out the timing of the slide thing. *sigh* Everything else I’ve got down.

      LOL! I hope you enjoy the book!

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