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Thunder and Roses is in the Bag

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2013 at 2:58 am

In the Bag

Thunder and Roses came in at 94.5k. The full manuscript and synopsis have been sent to our editor. Time to celebrate! WOOHOO! I’ve already updated my original 3rd Quarter’s Goal post with the strike through and date completed. It’s so nice to be back on track. Fingers crossed that she’ll love it.

In the rush to get T&R done and submitted, I missed a Halloween submission call I’d been aiming for. I’ve decided to continue writing it anyway. I’m enjoying the story. 😀

Here is the rough blurb for Thunder and Roses:

Tonya Rose knows it’s time for a decade long conspiracy to come to a head, but no one can know who she really is. Her feral nature and instinctive mistrust have kept her alive for the past five years of deep cover. When her only choice is to run or face death, she runs. What she doesn’t count on is Dakota Thunder, a Council bounty hunter who never misses a target. Tonya is running out of time, and the only man she can trust is the last man who should ever believe her.

Dakota Thunder is no stranger to betrayal. From his childhood hell to the death of his sister, he knows exactly what his kind are capable of. No one escapes his justice. What should have been a routine bounty pick up drops Dakota in the middle of a deadly blood feud involving shifter trafficking, extortion, and murder revolving around one wise-cracking beautiful woman of leopard royalty. She gets under his skin, digging her claws into his heart and reminding him of things he’d rather not remember.

He planned for everything except Tonya and the evidence that could bring down one of the most powerful organizations in their world. Nothing could have prepared them for their explosive attraction or the depths at which a madman would fall in order to destroy everything they love. With nowhere to turn, and the net growing tighter, they’ll have to trust in one another to survive.


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