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In Software on July 1, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads of anything for viruses and other threats before downloading the programs into your hard drive. Also, please note, these are things I use or are recommended by friends. I receive no compensation for these links. They’re really just here for your enjoyment. 

As NaNoWriMo has kicked off its Camp session in July, I thought I’d share a few freebies with you to help you on your writing journey.

Write Track

Raven's Daughter Write Track Day 1 1136am

Keep track of your progress using Write Track, a facebook app which posts how you’ve done in each writing session. Luckily you can set it to private (where only you can see your updates). If you’re in a group of accountability, you can set it so that only those you choose can see it. Not a bad deal. I’ve recently started using it and it’s very simple to navigate. I came upon an error where using special characters and standard punctuation (apostrophe) caused a \ to display. My chat with tech support told me they’d work on it immediately. I was impressed. 😀 Every time you save/update in the app, it drops the current status as a photo in a Write Track album for you. This is what it looks like.

Task Timer

Task Timer, an app from Google Chrome shows you how much time you spend on different projects. I use it to track my week so I’ll know how much time I spend on each part of my writing day. A jpg of my current Task Timer list is below.
Task Timer Print Screen ResizedMy new work week begins on Wednesday. What you see is Wednesday through Friday and the start of my writing last night (after midnight) for Camp NaNoWriMo. I list all my common time sinks (WOW), my current wips (Silver Tongue Devils, Thunder and Roses and Raven 1), and the business side of writing (promo and admin). You can track time on any project indefinitely, but I reset mine every week. The times are jotted down in my writing calendar. You have to start and stop each event, so make sure you pay attention.

Artweaver Free (PC Only)

For those who make their own WIP artwork, coverart, promotional items, and such on a budget, Artweaver Free may be the choice for you. It’s a great program along the lines of Photoshop (my print screen so you can see what it looks like). I do all of my own promo stuff, so it’s definitely earned a place of love in my heart. For examples of what I’ve done with Artweaver, please check out DitternDawn.com, most of the buttons and such you’ll find here on the writing blog, my facebook author page, and the DitterCon 2014 facebook page. Give it a try if you’re looking for something to meet your artistic needs.

Word Count Trackers

I’ve used several over the course of my career. These two are my favorites:

Critique Circle’s Word Meter Builder is the one you see at the bottom of this site. It looks like this (with a caption and without):

On a side note, you can link your word count with your NaNoWriMo account (only in November since the Camp NaNoWriMo is so new). In order to use the meter you have to sign up for an account, but it’s a rich site with many awesome writerly resources. Check it out.

Writertopia is one of my favorites. While I’ve yet to have a problem with Critique Circle’s word count tracker, most of the others I’ve tried led to disappointment (broken code). In all the years I’ve been writing, Writertopia’s wordcount meters are some of the best and most reliable. And funny…

Thunder and Roses

For NaNoWriMo goals of 50k, they have a variety of funny cartoons. This one is my favorite:

Why won’t it write itself?

NaNoWriMo Specific Images

NaNoWriMo has always led the way in awesome buttons for your blogs and other ‘net social media locales. This month’s Camp NaNoWriMo is no different. I’ll post their images here for you (since the Camp site seems to be overwhelmed at the moment). Please note that these belong to the Office of Light and Letters. While we have been given free reign to post them anywhere, any alterations you make to them should be approved by OLL prior to uploading. Right click on any image to save it. Without further ado:









Panster  126x125


Plotter 126x125


Facebook Header 851x315

Facebook Header

Facebook Header 852x315

Facebook Header

Twitter Header  520x260

Twitter Header

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list. Who knows, maybe you’ve found something which will help you on your writing journey. What are some of your favorite free writing resources available?
Good luck!
Keep Writing!

  1. Good stuff all around. Thanks for sharing it.

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