Dawn Montgomery

Haunting Melody launched with a bang!

In Write Talk on June 4, 2013 at 11:44 am

I didn’t know what to expect with Haunting Melody St. Claire’s launch. It was Ditter Kellen’s first EC book, my second one, and only our second book (released) together. We hoped for a good launch. Several people had said they would share the book when the time came and a few others had mentioned being intrigued by the blurb and excerpts. Our beta readers had loved it and so did our editor…so we had hopes.

What we didn’t expect was to launch in the 8k range of all books sold on Amazon, nor did we expect it to hit the 5k range by day three. The reviews have been amazing. So has the feedback. Most of the comments have been sweet, kind, and encouraging, but some, not so much. Before people speculate on the hows and whys of this little book, I thought I’d share the rollercoaster ride Haunting Melody took us on.

September: Ditter Kellen and I came up with this great idea. It would be the first book we would write together, and we were ecstatic. The words flowed quickly, we developed a good writing groove, and before a week was up, it was done.

October: Final draft was was cleaned up and submitted early in the month to a publisher for consideration. While that continues, she and I work on Foxfire.

November: Haunting Melody is passed over by the first publisher. We’re disappointed, of course, but turn around and work it over once more to submit it to Ellora’s Cave.

December/January: EC requests revise and resubmit on Haunting Melody. The story caught her interest, but felt it needed more heat.

January/February: Our revisions are completed and submitted. It’s accepted with additional revisions (called contract revisions…which means if we do the revisions and turn them in, the contract will go forward). We complete those edits and off we go into:

March: Contract paperwork is given, filled out, returned, and approved. All other paperwork for the novella is given.

April: Coverart is given. Edits are completed (two additional rounds of them) and the beta readers are put to the test during the process! We’re given a release date of May 31st.

May 31: Haunting Melody St. Claire is available!

It took eight months from start to finish for this little gem. We went through some nerve-racking growing pains, but in the end, it was more than worth it. Our editor, Grace, found all those little things we needed to change. She guided us. Our beta readers were in the trenches with every revision. Ditter and I worked long hours and talked to our other writing friends when we were stuck. This little book happened because a lot of people believed in it. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Basically, Haunting Melody St. Claire was a stone soup. You guys rock.

Now on to the next book. Keep Writing!


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