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Thunder and Roses Reaches 87k

In #amwriting, Challenges, Goals on May 15, 2013 at 5:53 am

WIP WednesdayThunder and Roses is well past the length of any book I’ve written to date. Ditter Kellen and I have been working around the clock to get this monster done, and the light is RIGHT THERE! We are three chapters away from The End and both of us will be happy to see it done.

We love the characters, the world, the bad guys you love to hate, the snark…but Ditter and I have been hanging out with these guys nonstop since December. It’s definitely time to part ways with the characters for a while. LOL!

ROW80LogocopyTime to tell you how I’ve done this past week:

Thunder and Roses is at 87k.

Raven’s Daughter hit 7.5k this week.

Silver Tongue Devils has been plotted. It reached 1k, but I won’t count it until I’m actually past the first chapter.

My favorite dialogue from this week’s unedited writing (courtesy of Jimmy Strickland, shifter you’d love to hate, and Tonya Rose, our snarky kickass heroine.):

“It’s time to end this.” [Strickland] licked his blade. “Tell me who you work for.”
“Myself. No one else.”
“Why did you break into Westmoreland’s office?”
“The lounge was out of creamer and I knew he hoarded the best shit.”
Strickland grinned and stalked closer, keeping her within sight of his one good eye. “Okay. Sure.” His free hand partially shifted to sharp claws. “I like this game.”

If you’d like to see how others are doing in the Round of Words in 80 days challenge, click on the link below.

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  1. Yay! You must be so excited to be so close to finishing! It’s so exciting to get closer and closer to writing ‘the end’ (even if not literally) on a book. I love that feeling! Congrats on your progress and good luck the rest of the week!

  2. Dawn,

    So exciting! I’m happy for you, that you are sooo close – and that you have other projects. I,too, keep several going at once, because that rudderless feeling unnerves me, if I don’t. I take some time to absorb, but it’s much more pleasurable if there are other projects awaiting me, when I’m ready for them.

    May this week bring you to the end! =)

  3. Major yays for being so close to the finish! But, at least you got other projects to give you comfort once that one is done. And that excerpt totally made me grin. If the whole thing is like that, it is bound to be awesome. Keep it up.

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