Dawn Montgomery

15 Days to NaNoWriMo

In #amwriting on October 16, 2012 at 6:31 am

Two weeks until NaNoWriMo’s launch. This year I’m writing an erotic romance entitled Rising Tide. So how do you get started with NaNoWriMo? Can you really write a novel in ONE month?


Should you? If you’re wondering if you should…try it. If nothing else, it’ll give you a much better appreciation of the time it takes your favorite authors to pen another book. 🙂

How do you get started? That’s a great question. At the end of this post, I’ll have a list of links to awesome help sites for you. Until then…I’m just going to have to show you how I get started.

First up…Genre. What do you want to write? It’s got to be something interesting to you.

I challenge myself to something new in every NaNoWriMo. This year I want to write about an underwater civilization. It’ll be sexy (of course). I want it to take place now, but I want it to be dark. So let’s call it a Dark Fantasy Erotic Romance. You don’t have to be as specific, but I’ve been writing for a while so I get more particular about what I’m working on.

Rising Tide will be approximately 55k words (since 50k IS the minimum to win NaNo 🙂 ) .

I have two main characters. The hero belongs to the underwater civilization and the woman is a human underwater photographer. Now I get to start building up my characters and designing my underwater civilization. I’ll need a bad guy and at least two supporting characters. Much to ponder. 😀


Check out Lynn Viehl/S.L. Viehl’s blog for lots of help! She has great resources, character sheets, etc. Plus she’s giving away her ebook on how she writes for FREE.

National Novel Writing Month has a ton of resource guides and links in their FORUM.

What are you doing to prep for NaNo?

  1. Good luck for NaNo this year! I’m still unsure what I’m going to write about.. hmm..

    • Good luck too! There are a lot of people who just start writing on the day. Is there a genre you love to read more than anything?

      • Thank you! Yeah that’s pretty much what I did last year! Well, yes but I did that before and it didn’t seem to work out! Haha. Think I might try young adult age this year !

  2. Totally agree that anyone unsure about trying NaNo should give it a go and see what happens! I had known about NaNo for at least five years before I actually decided to try it last year – lo and behold, I won! I was mostly pantsing last year, but this year I have a full outline, so I’m all set to be awesome! 😉

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