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March Madness

In Goals on March 31, 2012 at 12:31 am

I like to keep things up to date, so I thought I’d give a quarterly summary of what’s going on in Montgomery Land.


  • Hits 5 years as a professional writer (time flies, huh?)
  • Begins Round of Words in 80 Days (self-directed writing challenge)
  • Edits for Primal Hunger
  • Become a full-time writer
  • Moves from Alaska to Texas
  • Vacation in Seattle, Washington
  • Receives my release date for Primal Hunger of 3 Feb (on my birthday: Jan 24)
  • Go to a horse ranch with the kids
  • Moves in to the new apartment


  • Primal Hunger releases 3 Feb (My EC debut and first published novel)
  • Go pick up car in Dallas
  • Continue the Round of Words in 80 days challenge
  • Wins Entangled pitch contest (they have my partial)
  • Large load of our stuff arrives from Alaska
  • Kids start at their new schools
  • Husband gets a temporary job
  • I retire from the military


  • Finishes No Dragon, No Problem (Submitted and Accepted with a release date of 27 Apr)
  • Wins Harlequin Presents pitch contest. A full and synopsis is requested
  • Submits Presents partial
  • Receives second (and much smaller) load from Alaska
  • Sets up a PO Box (Yay, professional address!)
  • Posts on Sidney Bristol‘s blog
  • Putters out on the Round of Words challenge
  • Edits for No Dragon, No Problem
  • Joins a FANTASTIC group on Facebook called According to Ditter. Just awesome!
  • Signs up for the next Round of Words in 80 days.

Quite a busy quarter, eh? Two books down, eight more definites to go this year. 🙂 I’ve agreed to write four more dragon books (Once Upon a Dragon is my current work in progress). Feral Hunger and Ravenous Hunger (both working titles) conclude the Hunger trilogy. And finally, a novella that involves beauty and the beast…but not in the way you’ve ever imagined. 🙂

So what other projects do I have brewing? A Familiar Kiss is almost done with edits. I finished Rise of the Wolf on the 29th of March. A synopsis and polish are needed before I submit it. My Nightmare Gale trilogy is going strong. I don’t plan to have those done until close to October/November time frame.

Other than that, I’m writing in 20 minute sprints with 20 minutes up and around. I’m in the pool two-five times a week. My back is already thanking me (and so are my jeans…LOL!).

In April we’ll celebrate the release of No Dragon, No Problem. I’ll have a guest here on April 2, 2012 (the incredibly talented Tina Donahue! with a contest RIGHT HERE…so stay tuned!). I’ll keep you all posted on the status of my other submissions. There will be a fantastic contest on the According to Ditter reading group (on Facebook, just look up Ditter). My order of submission for the next few projects (please note that submission date does not equal release date) are as follows:

  1. Rise of the Wolf (m/m/f … a wolf, a cougar, and an empath walk up to the roof…)
  2. Once Upon a Dragon (m/f … What does a princess do when she wakes up chained to an incredibly sexy man who tells her he’s a fictional beast?)
  3. A Familiar Kiss (m/f … A witch without a familiar is like a living timebomb of magic. What happens when a blood brother’s demon summoning sets it off?)
  4. Feral Hunger (m/f … She is the enemy. He is damaged. Their mating should have been impossible.)
  5. Dragon Begone (m/f … WTF Dragon book 3)
  6. Taming Beauty (m/f/m … What would you do to save the humanity of a woman? Sometimes beauty hides the darkest beasts of them all. Dark BDSM wicked fairytale.)

Of course, this list is subject to change at any moment!

Keep Writing!


  1. Look at you! You’re seriously rocking this full time writing gig. 🙂 I’m so proud of you! I love seeing all your accomplishments listed out like that. Woohoo!

    • Thanks Lacey! We highlight the good and learn from the bad. Took me a while to figure out my groove. 🙂 I figure five years is as good a warm up as any, right? 😀 Hugs!

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