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Demons and Things

In #amwriting on February 25, 2012 at 2:21 am

In this world of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other online streaming media, it takes a very special movie or TV show to make me purchase a DVD. One thing that will suck me in…behind-the-scenes stuff.

So why am I chatting about this? Clive Barker’s inspiration derived from his horrific nightmares. It was decades before I realized the man behind Hellraiser and Rawhead Rex started out in fiction. Screenplays and directing came later (directing was actually a result of the flop that was Rawhead Rex).

Kim Knox has this amazing behind the book series on her site. She breaks down five awesome trivia bits for each book and series. I inhale that stuff! She has the most incredible combinations of science, dystopian sci-fi (doctor who-esque), and fascinating historical cultures. She’s a master storyteller.

Dakota Cassidy’s Accidental Series was triggered by an unofficial RWA 2004 appearance. She was stepping out of her car to meet with her agent when she came across a pack of Mary Kay consultants complete with tiaras and brightly colored business suits. Hanging out with them triggered the idea…What if one of the ladies was a werewolf? One that was accidentally bitten by a cute pooch?

Joss Whedon’s inspiration for Firefly was his love of Civil War and old west/frontier justice.

Every author has stuff that triggers a book idea. Dakota has pop culture. Kim has the mesh of science and fascinating snapshots of history. Clive Barker has nightmares, and a primal understanding of what makes a person afraid. Joss’s combination of Civil War and old west brought us the world of Firefly.

So what gets my attention?

Demon mythos. Demons, demi-gods, curses, you name it. The Evil Within. Every culture has core beliefs of good vs. evil. Corruption, at its most basic, is considered the ultimate evil. It is the crack in the armor, the way in to the darkness of the human soul. People hold great capacity for secrets and the pain that comes with it. Personal experience tells me that outward appearance, charm, and personality are no litmus test against the poison within. Some of the most horrific crimes against nature were committed by those who were attractive, friendly, and otherwise unremarkable.  It’s truly fascinating for me…beauty and danger. This combined with my military travels, experiences, and love of Texan and Alaskan histories create mayhem inside my mind.

Ahhh, but what about the writing, you ask? Weeell…

So here I am…2 am…with my most unproductive week since the 16th of January. I’ve missed Wednesday’s Round of Words update, and my goals for the week are shot. This week was an exciting one. SuperChef started his new job. Little B had epic meltdowns several times this week b/c of all the changes in the house. Our last shipment from Alaska came on Wednesday. I got my writing stuff (thank goodness!). SuperChef got his kitchen stuff (YAY! Spices!). The living room now has our big TV back (Thank goodness! Now maybe the complaining will stop!). And I have my monster computer monitor. My eyes thank me. 😀 I had a great writing day on Friday. And that’s about it. So today I’m working when I can, and not even trying to play catch up.

So what’s on the agenda? Writing. In Scrivener. See you on the Round of Words update tomorrow.

Keep Writing!



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