Dawn Montgomery

The Last Day in November

In #amwriting, Write Talk on November 30, 2011 at 11:34 am

Coming December 10th!

It’s the last day of NaNoWriMo. Have you finished your novel, yet? I finished a few days ago, but still seem to be in a writing pressure-cooker. At some point in the past two weeks, I lost power to my laptop, so my daily wordcount updates aren’t accurate. I updated with the most recent word counts and it looks like I’ve written a novel in two days. LOL.

Tomorrow is December 1st. Many holidays flock around this time of year. My family follows Christmas traditions, so I’ll be chatting about that. For many, it is the nightmare of Christmas shopping and buying frenzies. For others, it’s filled with simple holidays and warm wishes. Still others will be struggling to just make ends meet.

Take some time from your busy holiday season and give a little love to someone less fortunate than you. Grab an angel tree tag, or bake cookies for your local orphanage. My kids and I will be cooking dinner for a soldier and his family who are spending their Christmas at the Fisher house. The house was opened two months early for these guys, so things are still a bit bare.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sending cookies to my deployed military service friends. So many of them are out and about this year. It’s always hard being away from family, especially over the holidays.

Throughout the month of December, the Montgomery brood will be preparing for the last big move. We’ll finally settle down in Texas, near the San Antonio area. Our move day is around mid-January. Crazy, huh? That should be enough, right??

You’d think…but I have a fantastic release on the 10th of December. The Other Klaus releases from Changeling Press as one of the Red HOT Winter stories. Buying a copy of my book puts your name in for the chance to win free ebooks for a year! There are so many great prizes, so check it out!

I have two books to polish and email to editors by the end of this week, and then I get to start a Super Secret Project, code name: Enraptured! I’ve already started character sketches and collages. It’s going to be sooo fun. 🙂

Keep Writing!

Lynn Viehl has a great inspirational post on the last day

Linda from the Written Picture shows how a $20 discount kept her going through the tough times (She also has some GREAT pointers on how to put writing in front of other things).

NaNoWriMo has a list of all sponsors who helped out. Discounts apply even if you DIDN’T make your 50K words (if you have won, the sponsors will release the goods on 5 December).

December 1st marks National Novel Finishing Month.

March 1st starts National Novel Editing Month or EdMo




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