Dawn Montgomery

World Building Conclusion

In Workshops on May 3, 2011 at 9:25 pm

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Thank you for stopping by during this six day workshop. I hope you had as much fun as I have. Whether you write by the seat of your pants, are a detailed plotter, or anything in between, remember to take notes on the world you’ve created.

We covered: how to create your world, your characters, the rules and how they can be broken, where it all takes place, and how to describe the details without killing the pace of the story.

This has been an introductory workshop. Over time (and as I get more questions) I’ll break down some of the lessons even further.Your world has to make sense to you, if no one else. The art is in translating it for us. Create a world where we can suspend disbelief, and enjoy (or be terrified by) the magic you create.

I’d like to thank Kim Knox and Jerry Russell for their contributions to this workshop.  

For more information and other ideas, please check out some of these websites below:

Lynn Viehl, of pbackwriter, has a blank novel book download, and a book on writing entitled The Way of the Cheetah.

Morgan Hawke’s Darkerotica blog (warning not work friendly). This blog has an amazing amount of information for a writer. She was my first mentor, and the woman who taught me that less is more in description. I own and use her book on writing for profit.  

Lisa Gardner, mystery/suspense author of The Perfect Husband, has a great workshop for writers on her website.

A summary of the lectures til now:

Worldbuilding, an introduction

Creating Characters

Worldbuilding: Creating Rules

Choosing your location

Travel and TMI: When details bog down the story

Thank you for stopping by, and remember…Keep Writing!



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