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Rules and How to Break Them

In Workshops on April 30, 2011 at 6:47 pm

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Yesterday I chatted a bit about characters. I went through how I create my initial characte ideas. After devloping them, I would surf the net for images that capture my ideal character portraits. If I can’t find one, I’d draw one on my own.

Today I’m going to talk about creating rules in your world. This is a continuation of the worldbuilding for Seduced by Shadow. Please note that this book will be a free read, but the workshops contain spoilers. So if you’d rather wait for the novella, by all means. It’ll be out Memorial Day weekend (May 30, 2011).

When I created my villain, I decided he had to create a blood curse on his family in order to become more powerful than the hero. In my world, a blood curse has to be fed.

So rule #1: blood curses need to be fed in order to maintain their integrity.

This leads to rule #2: Failure to feed the curse would cause a backlash against the caster.(oooo now it’s getting good!)

So now I have to tie in my heroine…rule #3: maintaining the blood curse requires a sacrifice. (and now you know why she’s there).

In order for my villain to be truly villainous, and my hero to be truly heroic, the blood curse would need to be carried out by a an unwilling hero while the villain watches (and gains power).

So rule #4: Interaction between the hero and heroine can be fatal, but their attraction to one another has to be unstoppable (both physically and magically).

At this point I can tweak my characters some. My heroine will have known somewhat about this curse, actually searched it out. Why? Maybe she lost someone dear to her? That can have interesting side effects…

Rule #5: All magic use has consequences. The greater the spell, the more destructive the consequences.

Rule #6: The hero moves in shadows, through a shadow world. So, by contrast, the villain moves in light and fears the darkness. (so much fun!).

If I break one of these rules, I had better have a damn good reason why. Take rule #4 for instance…how can I seduce the heroine if the heroe’s touch can kill her? Does it only kill her in a sacred area? Will a small amount of blood satisfy his dark hunger? Whatever the method, I have to get them together…but the consequences will be dire.

We’ve discussed a bit of worldbuilding, character development, and now creating (and breaking) rules. Next up will be location.

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