Dawn Montgomery

Writing Vacation?

In #amwriting on April 24, 2011 at 9:59 pm

I’m back home with my Mom because her husband passed away. I’ve received countless condolences and well wishes, so thank you. My Mom really appreciates the support.

Funerals are interesting get-togethers in my family. No one ever says what they mean, empty promises are always made, and it ends with well wishes and hopes of keeping in touch.

What is it about family that brings out the worst in people?

When my head is crowded and my mind is busy, I usually write. Luckily, I brought my laptop so I can do that without stressing anyone too much.

Conflicting messages, mixed signals, high emotion and tragic histories.
Isn’t that what family brings to the table? There’s also the warmth, the beauty, the willingness to sacrifice everything for someone else, no matter what they may have done to/with you.

Isn’t that the meat of characters in a story? How far are they willing to go to see the end of the tale? How deep will they get for someone else’s mistakes? Will the confrontation be monumental?

My Mom is a beautiful woman inside and out. She’s braved a lot of terrible storms in the past. I admire her, and I’ll miss my step-father. I know she misses him too.

We talked about my writing and she asked if I ever put any of our family issues in my books. I thought long and hard about it and said, no. Actually, I’ve been avoiding any reference to anything in our family.

She then said…”Why? This is life. The real deal.”

Mom nailed it, then, didn’t she? Write what you know…and I know family drama… LOL.

Keep writing!


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