Dawn Montgomery

Freewrite Friday #1

In #amwriting on January 21, 2011 at 5:55 pm

Kim Knox had a great idea for a time-filler. I spend a few days a week away from my office and voice recognition software doesn’t work so well around a crowd of children…nor does laying out a thousand pages of notes in front of me while working. Kim uses the Seventh Sanctum writing prompts to get her imagination going. Here are mine:

The theme of this story: humorous adventure. The main character: weak student. The start of the story: funeral. The end of the story: crime. (I’ll see how I can do with this humorous adventure thing)

It’s not supposed to be raining, Gwen. The exasperated thought hit me like a caress of soft leather. My master, Caid.

I know. I know. I scrambled to adjust the weather patterns but my powers chose that moment to fizzle to nothing. Again. “Hell and fire.” I drew the powers of the earth through my soles and let it lodge in my gut in that swirling mass of what others called, euphoria, and I called indigestion. The uncomfortable pressure built until I could feel it leaking through my focus.

Gwen, rein it in. Even in thoughtspeak the man’s voice reminded me of whisky, straight. The Divine Mayor wanted a fine mist at her funeral, not a flood!

I tried. By the Dragon, I tried. Was it my fault I was a conduit for lightening? Who knew?

Raging heat exploded around me and my scream echoed in my head long after I lost the ability to speak. My hair stood on end and the zing of electricity amplified the pain until I knew it would destroy me. Some deep instinct I had never known existed pushed me to find an outlet, a target for the unnatural bolt of lightening. I saw bright metal and squeezed my eyes shut, sending it in a hot arc. I sagged with relief and tears blended with the rain fall on my heated cheeks. I heard screams and cries but my mind was a fog. Darkness threatened to drag me down but the fury of my master whirled in my mind. He pulled me against him and I tasted the raw power of his magic explode around us.

“Well, that’s not exactly what I expected.” Something in the depths of his silver eyes flickered and I had no idea why it made me shiver to my very soul. “I guess it’s time to run for our lives Gwendolyn of the Riverfolk.”

And that’s how I found myself racing down the soaked streets with my master’s iron grip on my wrist and entrapment curses flinging behind us.

“What happened?” I gasped for air every step of the way. A weather witch wasn’t exactly a physically intensive job.

“You just burned the Divine Mayor’s coffin. It was an amazing sight…”


Check out some more Freewrite Friday posts here. Thanks to Kim Knox for the wonderful start to a fun Friday event!


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