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Time off

In #amwriting, Goals on January 19, 2011 at 1:04 pm

It’s Wednesday check in for ROW80. How’s everyone doing so far?

I am on “vacation” from the EDJ for a week. Thank the stars. Gives me time to work on my projects and get them on the right track.

I’ve tweaked a few chapters of my novel and started my submission for the End of World call with Samhain. I figured out a tricky plot point so it’s flowing rather well.

I took a look around writing bloglandia and came away discouraged. It seems there is a battle cry of despair and it’s spreading like a virus all over the net. I’m a realist…always have been. If I want to be published, I do the work. I can’t rely on someone else to pick up my torch and write those words for me. During ROW80 I’ve seen some wonderful encouragement and that’s what puts me at ease.

You’ve got to find positives every day. Mine today is this: I have two wonderful writing friends who have given me their current works in progress to beta read. I got to spend several hours today just enjoying two great stories. THAT is my positive moment.

What about you?

Keep Writing!


  1. The End of the World anthology sounds great, good luck with your submission.

    Sorry you felt discouraged but it’s great you’re looking at positives now. 🙂

  2. I’m one of those who always looks at the positive. Glass Half full and all that. Glad you found your positive moment.

    • Thank you, Robin. I had an old supervisor invite me and the family over to his house for a superbowl party one year. A few of use were jokingly discussing pessimism and optimism while teasing each other about what side of the fence we lived on. He sat quietly drinking his coke and chuckling at our jokes. One of the guys asked him what he believed. He took that glass and set it on the table. “Half of you believe this glass is half empty and the other believe the glass is half full. I, however, look at it and wonder who the hell has been drinking my coke.”

      We laughed.

  3. Glad you figures out the tricky plot…what a great feeling! Keep up the great work and enjoy your hours of reading today. Have a wonderful day.

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