Dawn Montgomery

Update Second Sunday

In Goals on January 17, 2011 at 7:42 am

Well my word count for the week wasn’t 6K, but I’m still fighting a left hand that’s half numb while the other half is tingling. I’m getting less than 600 words a day…man I wish Dragon Dictate would get here! In the meantime, I’ve plotted three novels, a novella I’ll have to complete by the end of February and two other novellas for submission themes. I’ve even set up character sheets and am in the process of finding images for them.

How is everyone else doing?

  1. Still not here? Hope it turns up this week so. You’re still doing really well so no worries.

    Wow, I wish plotting came as easily to me! I’m inspired to try harder at that now.

  2. I agree with Claire. I get plenty of ideas, but plotting them is a different story. To me that’s the biggest hurdle. Now you know where four stories are headed. Awesome.

    • Thanks Andrew. I use a very general idea for my plots. More like key or main ideas for each scene. I use the plotting technique from Holly Lisle’s website on plotting (see my reply to Claire).

  3. *hugs* on the hand, Dawn, but yay for getting so many books plotted and ready to go.
    When that software comes you’ll be hoarse… 😉 *gets the throat lozenges ready* 😀

    • I didn’t think of that! Man. I should at least have some honey lemon tea on standby. 😀 Much prep to do! I’m looking forward to this like you wouldn’t believe. 😀

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