Dawn Montgomery

Update for Wednesday

In #amwriting on January 5, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Well, it’s been an interesting run for me this week. I’ve got my proposal done for the publisher of choice and will be sending that off tomorrow or the next day. I’ve been without sleep for almost three days straight and can’t seem to find my sleep button. No idea why.

What I do know is that I’ve seen an amazing amount of encouragement on twitter via the #ROW80 hashtag. Guys, keep up the great work!

Sunday will be a far more in depth update and hopefully I’ll be able to mark one of my goals off the list and prep for the second one…

Keep Writing!


  1. And here I am feeling like all I do is hit the snooze button. 😦 Here’s to both of us balancing out soon.

    • How’s your sleep now? I finally caught some sleep last night. Don’t know what it was keeping me awake.

      • Dawn, I am feeling better. I also think I took on too much. Plans are to get back into more thoughtful journaling–an area I was heading in 2010 and became sidetracked. I think by doing so, it will help me to focus more on my ROW80 goals…and to help define them.

      • @365andme, this is the perfect time to readjust your goals so that they’re more manageable! The first week is try-on week. 😉

        Good luck with your journaling and I hope you find a good productive flow during the challenge. 🙂

  2. Yay, Dawn!
    Was the proposal the one I had a sneaky peek at? It’s awesomesauce *grin*

  3. Don’t get freaked out if you need to sleep for two days straight. 😉

    Yeah, the hashtag is good – I pop on when I’m trying to knuckle down and see so many people doing well that I have to make an effort. It’ll probably get busier before the end too.

    • I wish I could play sleep catch-up, but snatching an extra hour or two here and there has seemed to even me back out.

      It’s definitely encouraging to see so many doing well and encourage others who are struggling.

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